Get Aurous Ascension and More this week In Free Fire Max

Get Aurous Ascension and More this week In Free Fire Max:

The game Free Fire Max is going to be added with a new event of watching the video to win rewards, where the players just have to watch a short video after which they will be rewarded. 

The event is going to be introduced in the Booyah- the only streaming platform, where the content creators or streamers can upload the videos in order to gain more subscribers and views. The watch-to-win event is the best opportunity for the players to grab as soon as possible. 

How to Get Free Aurous Ascension Bundle and more?

The event has begun for today and will expire by today only, i.e, 24th February 2022 and in order to win rewards, the players are required to watch any streaming video on Booyah.

There is a plot twist in the event this time, the players will get rewarded but only in relation to their duration of watching a video. The longer time they will spend, the best rewards they will be rewarded with. Get Aurous Ascension and More this week In Free Fire Max.

Below mentioned are some of the rewards along with the timings:

  • Craftland Room Card – available on all the time slots
  • Santa Militia Bundle – 90 minutes
  • Aurous Ascension Bundle – 90 minutes
  • Skater Girl Shoes – 60 minutes
  • Two Parachute skins – 30 minutes
  • Weapon skins – available on all the time slots.

How to Get The Rewards in Watch to Win Event?

 STEP 1: Players are required to select the ‘Event’ section.

STEP 2: Then they are required to go to the ‘News’ section.

STEP 3: The players are required to click on the ‘Go To’ option in the ‘Booyah! Watch to Win’.

STEP 4: Next, as soon as the interface gets opened they are required to use their Free Fire Account.

STEP 5: Lastly, they just have to choose live stream according to their wish and duration from 30/60/90 minutes. Get Aurous Ascension and More this week In Free Fire Max.

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