GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Gun Skins

GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Gun Skins

GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Gun Skins

GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Gun Skins

Free Fire incorporates its users with interesting gun skins and other cosmetics which makes the game more effective for the players to play. The players are found more engaged than before whenever there is a release of any new item. 

However, some of the players don’t know actually what and how they get in the game, players are given plenty of choices out of which they can choose their favorite item. GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Gun Skins.

How To Get Gun Skins In Free Fire: 

There are basically 5 ways through which gamers can obtain the Gun Skins in the game. These are: 

  1. Loot Crates: Being the primary resource from where players can have the weapons and skins is Weapon Loot Case, while there can be a situation where the gamers don’t get to have the particular skin even after opening several crates. 

There are two types of crates: the Legend Box and the Theme Box which requires 40 and 25 Diamonds, resp. GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Gun Skins.

  1. Luck Royales: There are many Luck Royales that go on in the game, out of which Faded Wheel, Incubator, and Weapon Royales are there, some of them also offer gun skins. Currently, the “Treatment Sniper-Ice Bones” is the skin that is available in the Weapon Royale, also there is another skin that’s been launched by the theme of Money Heist- AN94. 
  1. Events: Several other events also take place which provide the gun skins like the Winter Wish Events that gives a chance to acquire M1887 Winterlands 2020 however the users are required to spend Diamonds over it which comes with no guarantee if the user is going to get it or not. 
  1. Redeem Codes: The codes are the best way to get the freebies, the rewards which are collected by the users from the redeem codes are the gift from the game for the user. The code is of 12- characters and is used on the official Reward Redemption site and is released by the developers. While this is also not guaranteed that the gun skins will be acquired directly through them,  some of them might get the player gun skin else they have to wait for other codes. 

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  1. Rank-Up Rewards: The last but never the least way is the Rank-up Rewards. Through ranks in both the modes: Battle Royale and Clash Squad, users can progress and win several items including Gun Skins, at present users can acquire M14-S24: Misha by reaching Gold I in Battle Royale. Also “The Golden UMP” by reaching Gold III in the Clash Squad. GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Gun Skins.

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