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GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Free Diamonds And Faded Wheel Bundles

Free Fire has in-game currency in the form of Diamonds to buy items, rewards, and exclusive costumes, gamers always have to purchase the Diamonds through real currency separate from the game. 

Players are given Diamonds for free sometimes or sometimes they are in search of an alternative way to buy cheaper Diamonds like Google Opinion Reward is the right choice to make. To spend the Diamonds, Faded Wheel is the right place from where one can get free rewards. 

Users can also get the free Diamonds from the Google Opinion Rewards by participating in their simple questionnaire survey and also a trustworthy place to rely on. GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Free Diamonds And Faded Wheel Bundles

Gamers are simply needed to download Google Opinion Rewards on their devices after which they will receive the survey once their profile has been made. 

Guide To Get Free Diamonds and Use It For Faded Wheel: 

Steps to download and make the profile:

STEP 1: Games are needed to download it from here: 

STEP 2: Gamers will now require to fill in some blanks with the correct answers and along with that they will get the survey.

Once the players have acquired enough Google Play Credits making the regular Top Up will not be needed rather they should wait for Special Airdrop which sometimes provides Diamonds and other items cheaper. GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Free Diamonds And Faded Wheel Bundles.

Presently, the Predatory Cobra MP40 Faded Wheel is available in the game and the gamers can also wait for others to come to spend their Diamonds on. 

Also, the gamers are necessary to know that each Faded Wheel requires 1000+ Diamonds that is not easy to collect, so technically the gamers can try their luck through free spins and discounted spins to get their hands on items and rewards. GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways To Get Free Diamonds And Faded Wheel Bundles.

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Niranjan Bhargav is the Social Media Manager at Bullscore. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Arts from Subodh College, Jaipur. Niranjan is also a passionate cricketer and his life revolves around sports. Niranjan has spent many years playing cricket in Assam while getting trained at Assam Cricket Association. He still enjoys every bit of cricket whether on the ground or while optimizing his extensive expertise in sports to make Fantasy Predictions. Apart from cricket, he enjoys playing with graphics and creating spectacular social media postings, and he leads a team of creative minds. He also likes to explore historical places, which is quite strange about his personality.

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