GARENA FREE FIRE: Ways to Get Fierce Demilord Thompson Skin

Free Fire is going to give away rewards through events and making their fans. The faded wheel with some exclusive rewards is approaching but gamers need to spend their Diamonds in order to spin the wheel.

There will be a reward of the random item that will come for gamers after spinning the wheel, for now, the wheel includes the Fierce Demilord Thompson until 1st February just for 9 Diamonds. 

The players need to know the following cost of spins:

  • First spin: 9 diamonds
  • Second spin: 19 diamonds
  • Third spin: 39 diamonds
  • Fourth spin: 69 diamonds
  • Fifth spin: 99 diamonds
  • Sixth spin: 149 diamonds
  • Seventh spin: 199 diamonds
  • Eighth spin: 499 diamonds

The Prize Pool is as follows:

  • Sky (Parachute skin)
  • Shirt (White)
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Artificial Intelligence Weapon Loot Crate
  • Burning Flap Skyboard
  • Cube Fragment
  • Shorts (Black)
  • Box of Balance
  • Untamed Demilady Bundle

Steps to Obtain the Demilord Thompson Skin:

STEP 1: Players are required to open the game and head to the Luck Royale section.

STEP 2: Next they are required to go to the ‘Faded Wheel’.

STEP 3: The players are required to remove 2 items that they don’t want. 

STEP 4: Lastly to get the reward they can click on ‘OK’ and can spin.

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