GARENA FREE FIRE: Top 5 Free Fire pets to accompany players in 2022

The entire journey of players in Garena Free Fire witnessed various Characters and Pets that helped them to win battles in the game. Since players can select their pets to accompany them in matches and increase their abilities as they bestow buffs to the entire squad. While pets can be leveled up and players can enhance their qualities by playing more games.

As the new year is coming, Garena Free Fire bestows a discount on selected pets. Therefore, players can accompany the pets who possess meta abilities which are famous in the Free Fire community. Hence, the pets will be useful to create more Booyah for their lifetime stats in the upcoming year 2022.

New Year Gift for players: best Free Fire pets to use in 2022

The Garena Free Fire makes it possible for players to use these best 5 Free Fire pets to use in the game to buy in the year 2022.

1) Agent Hop

Agent Hop is one of the popular pets in Garena Free Fire as it possesses the special ability to fulfill the requirements of EP, known as ‘Bouncing Bonus’. While the players carry the mushrooms and inhalers to enhance their EP after a subtle fight. However, gamers can avoid this stuff and can accompany Agent Hop, in the new year 2022, to use its ability to gain 50 EP when the safe zone shrinks.

2) Rockie

Active characters, like DJ Alok and Skyler, should be the choice of Free Fire players while acquiring the pet Rockie. Rockie’s ability, ‘Stay Chill’ can abate the cooldown time of skills possessed by active characters by 15%. While this ability of the Rockie can provide players with the active powers of their hero rapidly.

3) Falco

Falco can be a useful pet for gamers to buy in January 2022. Falco has the ability, Skyline Spree, which deems users to raise their gliding speed by 45% and diving speed by 50%. This skillset of the pet allows the entire team to land faster across the hotspot field containing enormous loots.

4) Ottero

Ottero attains a highly preferable ability, Double Blubber, to the character A124. While Free Fire players can select the same character to use this ability and increase their EP when using the Medkits. Users can often passively heal during the games and the total EP recovered will be equal to 65% of HP retrieved. 

5) Robo

Robo’s ‘Wall Enforcement’ skill, as its name claims, makes an Overhead shield over the Gloo Walls, which allows players to stay in battle for longer. However, this capability of the pet enhances 100 HP for the Gloo Walls and can be used for longer intervals if combined with Nairi’s Ice Iron ability. This is suitable for making chokepoints and moving away from extreme battles in squad matches. Hence, Players will enjoy playing the Battle Royal matches in the upcoming year 2022.

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