GARENA FREE FIRE: Top 5 Bundles in Free Fire (2022)

GARENA FREE FIRE: Top 5 Bundles in Free Fire (2022)

GARENA FREE FIRE: Top 5 Bundles in Free Fire (2022)

GARENA FREE FIRE: Top 5 Bundles in Free Fire (2022)

Since the cosmetics and costumes are of very importance in the Garena Free Fire the developers have released many new items and Bundles in the game. The game has been featured with the top 5 best Bundles that have to be taken by all. 

At present, there is Elite Pass in-game store, Luck Royal, and more in the game, but to buy them or get the hands the gamers are required to buy the items with Diamonds. 

Top 5 Bundles:

  1. Pink Wink Bundle– the bundle contains the outfit of the member of the SpaceSpeaker quartet- Binz. However, this is a collaboration item so it is on the list and is rare. The Bundle contains:
  1. Pink Wink (Top)
  2. Pink Wink (Bottom)
  3. Pink Wink (Shoes)
  4. Pink Wink (Head)
  1.  Silent Scrutiny Bundle– it is an exotic set of the Touliver from the SpaceSpeakers quartet, it is black in color and contains several items like:
  1. Silent Scrutiny (Top)
  2. Silent Scrutiny (Bottom)
  3. Silent Scrutiny (Shoes)
  4. Silent Scrutiny (Head)
  5. Silent Scrutiny (Mask)
  1. HipHop Gaze Bundle: it is an outfit of the Rhymastic from SpaceSpeakers. The bundle has to be attained by spending Diamonds which contains the following items:
  1. Hiphop Gaze (Top)
  2. Hiphop Gaze (Bottom)
  3. Hiphop Gaze (Shoes)
  4. Hiphop Gaze (Head)
  5. Hiphop Gaze (Mask)

4. Iced Glare Bundle:  The Iced Glare Bundle is the costume of SOOBIN from the SpaceSpeakers quartet, it has featured a hologram reflecting jacket and contains several items though:

  1. Iced Glare (Top)
  2. Iced Glare (Bottom)
  3. Iced Glare (Shoes)
  4. Iced Glare (Head)
  5. Iced Glare (Mask)

5.  Everything Goes Bundle/Prismatic Energy Bundle– The bundle is inspired by the famous singer-rapper J Balvin and has been added with 2 costumes the costumes can be obtained till 24th January, the items are as follows:

Everything Goes Bundle:

  1. Everything Goes (Top)
  2. Everything Goes (Bottom)
  3. Everything Goes (Shoes)
  4. Everything Goes (Head)
  5. Everything Goes (Mask)

Prismatic Energy Bundle:

  1. Prismatic Energy (Top)
  2. Prismatic Energy (Bottom)
  3. Prismatic Energy (Shoes)
  4. Prismatic Energy (Head)
  5. Prismatic Energy (Mask)