GARENA FREE FIRE: Sooneeta’s ID, Stats, Rank, Guild, and more (February 2022)

GARENA FREE FIRE: Sooneeta’s ID, Stats, Rank, Income, and more (February 2022)

The strong Free Fire contender and content maker, popularly known as Sooneeta, has become way too popular. The player, aka Sunita Thapa Magar, creates the most exciting gameplay videos and showcases her skills by live-streaming the Battle Royale Title on her YouTube Channel.

Sooneeta’s content and live streams have provided her with a huge subscriber base of 4.69 million on her Youtube Channel with 381.40 million total views.

Sooneeta’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Rank, Monthly Income, and More

The Free Fire ID of Sooneeta is 131311296. Sunita is placed in Heroic in BR-Ranked and Diamond IV in Clash Squad mode.

Sooneeta’s stats are as follows:

Sooneeta’s Lifetime Stats

GARENA FREE FIRE: Sooneeta’s ID, Stats, Rank, Guild, and more (February 2022)

Talking about Sunita’s stats, she has a massive gameplay experience of 23267 squad games out of which 5384 is her first-place finish with a certain win percentage of 23.14%. She has an amazing K/D ratio of 3.20 and has got 57266 kills till now. 

Apart from this, The Youtuber has also played 1923 duo matches out of which she has won 297 matches with a win percentage of 15.44%. She has a K/D ratio of 2.16 along with 3507 frags. 

Sooneeta has won against her enemies 67 times out of 928 solo matches, making a winning percentage of 7.21%. He has a K/D ratio of 1.72 with 1482 total kills. 

Sooneeta’s Ranked Stats

GARENA FREE FIRE: Sooneeta’s ID, Stats, Rank, Guild, and more (February 2022)

Sooneeta has participated in 147 squad games securing 50 wins with a win percentage of 34.01% in the current BR-Ranked Season. The Youtuber has grabbed 579 kills with a K/D ratio of 5.97.

Rather than these stats, Sooneeta has also participated in two solo matches and acquired a single kill with a k/D ratio of 0.50.

Sooneeta’s Income

GARENA FREE FIRE: Sooneeta’s ID, Stats, Rank, Guild, and more (February 2022)

According to Social Blade’s stats, the YouTuber-cum-Gamer, Sunita’s monthly income is around $4.6K and $73.7K per month. Her annual income lies within $55.3K – $884.5K from his Youtube Channel.

Sooneeta’s YouTube Channel

Sooneeta has been creating content over YouTube since May 2017. Working and releasing content frequently has now racked up her collection with 856 videos on her YouTube Channel. Her Channel’s most-watched video has attained more than 25 million views.

In the last 30 days, Sunita’s YouTube Channel, Sooneeta, has accumulated around 120k subscribers with 18.427 million views over her videos. Additionally, she also streams her Free Fire gameplay on BOOYAH!.

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