GARENA FREE FIRE: OP BNL’s FF ID Name, Stats, Monthly Income, and more

OP BNL’s FF ID Name, Stats, Monthly Income, and more.

Oussema Elloumi popularly known as OP BNL is a well-known Free Fire content creator and YouTuber. He is popular around the globe for playing in the Middle East Region of the game and that is too skilled!

He streams videos on his YouTube Channel, ‘BNL’, which has earned as many as 7.64 million subscribers and 532.40 million views on YouTube. He has been streaming live videos for 6 years now. 

In the last 30 days alone he has gained 90K subscribers and 7.78 million views.

OP BNL’s FF ID Number, Guild, and Stats:

OP BNL’s Free Fire UID is 297929835. His stats are:

OP BNL’s Lifetime Stats:

The YouTuber has appeared in 29043 squad matches out of which he has won 4044 matches with a win percentage of 13.92%. He has killed 99101 of his enemies in the game with a K/D ratio of 3.96.

The player has also played 778 duo matches and has claimed 84 victories with a win rate of 10.79%. He acquired 1450 frags and a K/D ratio of 2.09.

Apart from these, he has also engaged in 1298 solo matches out of which he became victorious in 82 of them. Sustaining the win percentage of 6.31% with 2569 frags with a K/D ratio of 2.11.

OP BNL’s Ranked Stats:

He has featured in 129 ranked squad games, winning 26 of them, with a win percentage of 20.15%, notching 516 frags, sustaining the K/D ratio of 5.01.

He has not played duo and solo matches yet.

OP BNL’s Monthly Income and YouTube Channel:

OP BNL’s Income:

The reports of the Social Blade website estimate the monthly income of OP BNL is to be between $1.9K and $31.1K. His yearly income from his YouTube channel is to be between $23.3K – $373.4K.

OP BNL’s YouTube Channel: 

The YouTuber has been working over Free Fire videos for a few years now and his YouTube channel consists of 401 videos. His most popular video gained approximately 13.2 million views so far. He also has another YouTube Channel called “BNL TV”. 

NOTE: It is to be noted that the stats and records are written at the time of creating the article.

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