GARENA FREE FIRE: How To Get Free Gloo Wall Skin and More

The Free Fire developers have incorporated again a new cosmetics and items in a variety. Gamers are always in the mood for the new items and costumes for their characters in the game. 

The cosmetics and skins include the Gloo Wall Skin and many such rewards. 

Ways To Get The Gloo Wall Skin Rewards and More:

  • SpaceSpeaker Top-Up II (15 January – 21 January)– There has been the incorporation of a few events too in order with the collaboration of the quartet of the SpaceSpeaker this Top-Up Event includes Pan skin and a Gloo Wall skin. The gamers have to collect a sum of 100 and 300 diamonds to get the bonus item.
  • Play Bomb Squad map (16 January – 18 January)– the Bomb Squad is a new entry in the game which has 2 sides- the Attackers and the Defenders in which the Attackers have to plant the bomb and the Defenders have to defuse them. After which they will be rewarded if any side wins the match.
  • Welcome to the New Year! (10 January – 18 January)– the gamers have to complete some specific tasks in order to get the rewards with the ‘New Year 2022’ tokens. The gamers can then collect the tokens and head to redeem them to collect the items they want in the ‘Exchange New Year Token’.
  • Login for Free Reward (10 January – 19 January)– the rewards ask for the daily Login in the accounts of the gamers, they have to log in according to the specified days and then have to collect the rewards. Such events include Vouchers, Loot Crates, and more.
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