GARENA FREE FIRE: How to Get Free Fire Indian Rewards - 10th December?

Indian players are always found excited whenever there is an event approaching, consequently, they get the rewards. They are supposedly needed to count on the events that take place in the game itself.

Many players are eligible to get their hands on the Free Fire x Money Heist-themed rewards if they individually play the related events going on the Indian servers. 

Apart from the mentioned rewards, many other rewards will be made available tomorrow as 11th December is the high day for the Collaboration events. 

Till then let’s check how players can collect the Free Fire rewards:  

Collect the Free Fire Indian Rewards by: 

During this time of events, players are required to obtain Money Heist Gold from the after match drops and missions, each item sums up to 1 ton and can be melted or stored for use by the users. 

Once the players are done with the collection of the amount they will be given the rewards out of which Red Lobster Bundle is one of the items that players can have. 

In order to Plan Bermuda: Raid and Run, the events provide special backpack skin which can be taken after users collect the dice tokens from different missions and roll them to get going on the given path, the players will whether collect the Gold Bars or will accept and go through some random event. This process has to be continued till they collect the given number of Gold bars. 

As the collab of Free Fire and Money Heist was begun on 7th December and will be till 14th December the players who have done logging in their accounts till date will be qualified to get a free 2x Team Heist Printer and Bounty Token Pay Cards, as it was advised to log in to the accounts every day to acquire such items. GARENA FREE FIRE: How to Get Free Fire Indian Rewards – 10th December.

They will also be awarded a themed Loot box skin after completing the fifth-day login. Players can Claim Free Loot Box after the 5th-day login.

The gamers can also win the free rewards by purchasing the required number of Diamonds in the ICE FEATHER TOP-UP Event, there has been the availability of the two special items :

  • Buy 200 diamonds to get: Katana – Ice Feather
  • Buy 500 diamonds to get: Roaring Bandana.

Players are expected to get more rewards tomorrow on 11th December. GARENA FREE FIRE: How to Get Free Fire Indian Rewards – 10th December.

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