GARENA FREE FIRE: Garena Revealed the New Road Map For 2022 Esports

GARENA FREE FIRE: Garena Revealed the New Road Map For 2022 Esports

GARENA FREE FIRE: Garena Revealed the New Road Map For 2022 Esports

GARENA FREE FIRE: Garena Revealed the New Road Map For 2022 Esports

Garena Revelation of the New Road Map For 2022 Esports.

Garena Free Fire has recently revealed the new road map for 2022 Esports, in which the hefty amount pize is decided to be INR 2.7 crores in which there will be 4 tournaments across 2 pro circuits. 

The game has also announced that there are many other things coming soon to be revealed in order of Esports 2022, the players and every other fan of Garena Free Fire will be able to look forward to the Esports 2022 tournament, the tournament will also be converted into an international tournament, the small scale ones will also take place. 

Everything To know About Garena Escorts 2022 Events: 

  FF India Pro Esports Circuit:

  • Fans and players alike can look forward to a steady pipeline of high-octane esports events throughout the year.
  • Every tournament will have an open qualifiers stage to give all aspiring players and teams the platform to test their skills.
  • Prize money worth 2.7 crore INR on offer across four major tournaments.
  • The roadmap will be of 2 Pro seasons, each will be having 2 major tournaments- FFPL and FFIC.
  • The tournaments will take place like :
  1. Free Fire India Championship 2022
  2. Spring Free Fire Pro League 2022
  3. Summer Free Fire India Championship 2022
  4. Fall Free Fire Pro League 2022 Winter


  • The tournaments under FFIC will be functioning as the national qualifiers for FF’s international ones.
  • The team will be from all over India to fight for the Prize pool of INR 1 crore and an opportunity to represent the team on the national level.
  • The teams can qualify in 2 ways:
  1. Achieved top six in the previous season’s Free Fire Pro League tournament.
  1. Achieve top 12 in the closed qualifiers stage of the FFIC.
  • Everyone can participate in the Esports open-qualifiers round through in-game mode- Free Fire Cup, where the teams on the top list will be able to get to the closed qualifiers.
  • The teams will then play the match with 7th-12th teams in FFPL, the teams will fight for the 12 positions in FFIC.
  • The game will be of 18 teams affair and only 6 teams will go for the finals, meanwhile, the other 12 will fight for the remaining 6 slots. 


  • There will be almost 18 teams out of which 12 will be from the FFIC Finals of last season, and the remaining 6 will be the open qualifiers.
  • Rach tournament will witness the gameplay against each other for the prize money of 35 Lakhs INR and direct entry in the FFIC of next season.
  • The top 6 teams will be all set to go for the League stage while the other will have leniency towards skipping the qualifiers stage and skip to the Closed qualifiers. 

FFIC 2022 Spring:

  • Top 6 from the FFPL 2021 Winter will directly get entry in the FFIC 2022 Spring league stage. 
  • The remaining from FFPL 2021 Winter will get entry to the closed qualifiers where they have to compete for 12 slots with the teams of Open qualifiers. 
  • And the top 12 from LS will make it to the FFIC 2022 Spring. 

Gamers for getting more updates over Gree Gire’s next move can download Free Fire on the Apple iOS App or Google Play store.

Also, the FF MAX is available on Apple iOS App or Google Play store.