Garena Free Fire: Everything To Know About Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter

The predecided League stage of Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter will be commenced from 8th January, since the Open-For-all Qualifiers round has taken place on 24th December of the FFC Mode, the top 6 teams have been qualified for the League Stages to fight against the 12 finalist teams from the Free Fire Pro League 2021 Fall. 

Know About Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter- Format, Groups, Prize Pool and more: 

Format of the Tournament: There are a total of 18 teams in the tournament out of which 6 teams have been made of 3 players each. All the teams will fight for 6 days every weekend since the League is getting started from Sunday 8th and the dates are following: 

  • League Day 1: 8 January (Saturday) – Group A&B
  • League Day 2: 9 January (Sunday)- Group B&C
  • League Day 3: 15 January (Saturday) – Group A&C
  • League Day 4: 16 January (Sunday) – Group A&B
  • League Day 5: 22 January (Saturday) – Group B&C
  • League Day 6: 23 January (Sunday) – Group A&C

The teams of 12 finalists will play at the end of the league stage final on 30th January.  The finalist teams will be honored by headstart points that depend on their ranking in the League Stage. 

Groups Of The Tournament in Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter:

Group A

  1. Orangutan
  2. Team Chaos
  3. TSM
  4. Nigma Galaxy
  5. Assassin Army
  6. Zero Degree

Group B

  1. Aura Gaming
  2. KM Brotherhood
  3. Chemin Esports
  4. GodLike Esports
  5. PVS Gaming
  6. Surya Bhai GMNG

Group C

  1. Total Gaming
  2. Desi Gamers
  3. Team Insane
  4. Revenant Esports
  5. Team Tycoons
  6. Phantom Troupe

Prize pool distribution of the Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter:

  • Total prize pool – 35,00,000
  • 1st Place (Champion) – 15,00,000
  • 2nd Place (1st Runners-up) – 7,50,000
  • 3rd Place – 3,50,000
  • 4th Place – 2,50,000
  • 5th Place – 2,00,000
  • 6th Place – 1,20,000
  • 7th Place – 1,00,000
  • 8th Place- 80,000
  • 9th Place- 60,000
  • 10th Place- 40,000
  • 11th Place- 30,000
  • 12th Place – 20,000

The Pro League will also be live-streamed on Free Fire Esports India YouTube Channel and Official Facebook handle from 6:00 IST. The Free Fire Pro League will then move towards FFIC 2022 Spring. 

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