GARENA FREE FIRE: Event Calendar, Rewards, and More

Free Fire released the New Age Campaign just after the Collab with Money Heist was finished. The developers have released a new calendar for the events and activities to take place from 17th December till 9th January 2022. 

 GARENA FREE FIRE: Event Calendar, Rewards, and More

Free Fire New Age Campaign:

  1. Event Calendar: the New Age Calendar has been released by the developers and here is the list for the events throughout: 
  1. New Age (17 December – 9 January)
  2. Map & Aftermatch Drop (17 December – 9 January)
  3. Play Till the Rising Day (20 December – 26 December)
  4. Login Till the Rising Day (23 December – 27 December)
  5. Friends United (25 December – 27 December)
  6. Lone Wolf Rank (25 December – 27 December)
  7. The Rising Day (25 December)
  8. New Age is Coming (27 December – 2 January)
  9. Countdown to New Age (29 December – 4 January)
  10. New Age Day Login (1 January)
  11.  Magic Cube Fragment Drop (1 January)
  12.  Game with Friends (1 January)
  13.  New Age is Here (1 January)
  14.  New Beginning (1 January – 5 January)
  15.  Play More with Friends (4 January – 9 January).

2. Rewards:  The rewards include: Frosty Beach Bundle, Monster Truck – Snow Cruiser, vouchers, and loot crate through the classic section ‘Exchange Store’ from the special Free Fire New Age interface. The Winter Basher bat skin is available via the ‘Play Till The Rising Day’ event. 

Users can also get the “Snowman in Flight” parachute from the login reward on 17th December along with Frozen Clown Surfboard. GARENA FREE FIRE: Event Calendar, Rewards, and More

Also, some more rewards will be made available on 25th December 2021, and the Yeti Pet will be made available for free on 1st January 2022. On the other hand, login rewards, multiple Cube Fragments are also available.

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