GARENA FREE FIRE: Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022)

GARENA FREE FIRE: Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022)

The strong Free Fire contender and content maker, popularly known as Desi Gamers aka Amitbhai, have become way too popular and rich. He is a strong, skillful player who plays so well that every Free Fire fan is a fan of his skills too. 

In the last 30 days, he has gained 100k subscribers and 29.825 million views within the last 30 days. Amitbhai also runs another YouTube Channel known as ‘Desi Army’ and Amit Sharma on which he posts content related to every unique concept. 

Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID, Stats, and More

The Free Fire ID of Desi Gamers is 206746194. His all-time stats and this season’s stats (in 2022) are:

Desi Gamers’ Lifetime Stats

GARENA FREE FIRE: Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022)

Talking about Amitbhai’s stats, he has a massive gameplay experience of 9144 squad games out of which 2501 is his first-place finish with a certain win percentage of 27.35%. He has an amazing K/D ratio of 3.72 and has got 24732 kills till now. 

Apart from this, he has also played 4957 duo missions out of which he has won 821 matches with a win percentage of 16.56%. He has a K/D ratio of 3.27 along with 13521 frags. 

He has won against his enemies in  317 solo matches out of 3826, making a winning percentage of 8.28%. He has a K/D ratio of 2.57 with 9002 total kills. 

Desi Gamers’ Ranked Stats

GARENA FREE FIRE: Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022)

He has played 32 ranked squad matches out of which he has won 9 with a win rate of 28.125%, attaining 76  kills and a 3.30 K/D ratio.

The internet star has played 2 duo matches and one victory has been claimed with a win percentage of 50.00% sustaining the K/D ratio of 8.00 and killing 8 enemies. 

He also played in 2 solo games and killed only 1 enemy, which defined his K/D of 0.50.

Note: Amitbhai’s Free Fire stats in this article are subject to change and were recorded at the time of writing.

Desi Gamers’ Monthly Income

GARENA FREE FIRE: Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022)

According to Social Blade’s stats, his monthly income is around $7.7K – $119.4K per month. While Amitbhai’s annual income lies within  $89.6K – $1.4M from his Youtube Channel, he is in 92nd position in terms of overall subscriber base.

Desi Gamers’ YouTube Channel and best videos

Working and releasing content frequently has gained a lot of subscribers to Amitbhai and he is earning a lot from it. The year 2021 was a successful year for the YouTuber. Gaining as much as  1.74 billion views along with his subscriber base of 12.4 million. He has so far released 1100 videos on his YouTube Channel. His other channels the Desi Army and Amit Sharma have 3.39 million and 426k subscribers respectively.

Here are his 3 best videos:

1)Factory Top Challenge Turn into BOOYAH !! Garena Free Fire || Desi Gamers


3)Factory Ke Uper BADLA || Free Fire || Desi Gamers

Note: The number of views has been taken as the sole criterion to determine the best videos.

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