GARENA FREE FIRE (2022): Ways To Get Diamonds For Cheap

GARENA FREE FIRE (2022): Ways To Get Diamonds For Cheap

Garena Free Fire has in-game currency in the form of Gold and Diamonds, out of which Diamonds are the primary currency through which gamers can buy items, and change their in-game name (IGN) and guild names. 

And gamers have to buy Diamonds from the real currency separate from the in-game, and the deal is not absolutely affordable for everyone as buying Diamonds from real money costs heavily. In the game, gamers can recharge their Diamonds through a direct top-up method other than Memberships, and Airdrops are also chosen by many. 

Ways To Get Cheaper Diamonds in Free Fire:

Special Airdrops: Airdrops have been incorporated for the gamers in the game, through which they can get the Diamonds much cheaper than the top-up, also it is not guaranteed that every user will get it because the items provided might be the same and also it is unpredictable in nature. 

Memberships: The membership that gamers get was revised in 2021 and now provides way better deals to them though can purchase weekly or the monthly membership and each of which comes in with its own advantage and on being bought both they will get Super VIP privileges. 

How To Purchase a Membership in Free Fire: 

STEP 1: On Opening, the Free Fire gamers are required to click on the “Card” icon placed next to the download center. 

STEP 2: Next a notification will be popped up telling about the weekly or monthly membership, gamers are required to select the desired option and get done with the payment. 

STEP 3: Once the transaction is done the membership will be activated. 

Though memberships are effective enough to make people choose them they also take a bit longer to give out all of their advantages. GARENA FREE FIRE (2022): Ways To Get Diamonds For Cheap.

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