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Free Fire India Championship 2022: Everything to Know About Prize Pool Distribution

The Free Fire India Championship 2022 Spring is getting started from 11th February will kick start by the 1 st stage known as FFC mode where teams from all over the country will play to reserve one of 42 spots in the closed qualifiers match will begin at 5:00 pm- 9:00 pm

Now as the prize pool is of 1 Crore INR, the players are going to enjoy more prizes value as the finalist will take half of the value worth 50,00,000 INR while the 2nd one will get to have 25,00,000 INR and so on. The Grand Final will take place on 10th April.

It is necessary to know that the players who have played at least 5 games in the FFC Mode are going to get 500 gold coins through their in-game mail and the members who have been the finalists will stand a chance for 1x Diamonds Voucher, 1x Armor crate, and 1x Bounty Token. Free Fire India Championship 2022: Everything to Know About Prize Pool Distribution.

The Prize Pool Distribution is as Follows:

1st Place (Winners): ₹50,00,000

2nd Place (1st Runner-up): ₹25,00,000

3rd Place (2nd Runner-up): ₹10,00,000

4th Place: ₹4,00,000

5th Place: ₹2,00,000

6th Place: ₹1,50,000

7th Place: ₹1,20,000

8th Place: ₹1,00,000

9th Place: ₹1,00,000

10th Place: ₹75,000

11th Place: ₹50,000

12th Place: ₹50,000

League Stage MVP: ₹1,00,000

Grand Finals MVP: ₹1,00,000

Headhunter: ₹50,000

It is necessary to be informed that the Teams have to submit their detailed information within one week of Grand Finals. Details are related to their team members like the bank passbook and Garena-provided forms and more such as:

  • Tournament Winner Release Form (Provided by Garena)
  • Payment Direction Letter (Provided by Garena)
  • Vendor Creation Form (Provided by Garena)
  • Captain’s bank account statement/passbook

Also, the finalists will get a golden opportunity to represent their region in the Free Fire World Series 2022 Finals which will happen in May in Sentosa, Singapore. Free Fire India Championship 2022: Everything to Know About Prize Pool Distribution.

Rahul Sharma is the Content Head and Strategy Manager at Bullscore. He completed his graduation from Shri Bhawani Niketan College, Jaipur, and has specialized in Digital Marketing. He is a fan of American football and cricket. Rahul has also been working with us since the beginning and has actively helped with the growth of the company. The 23-year-old is constantly busy discovering a new hobby and learning when he isn't writing articles. He has a long list of hobbies including, cooking, gardening, reading, playing various sports, watching movies and web series, and much more.

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