FREE FIRE: Diamonds, Top-up method, uses

Like several other games, FREE-FIRE also has some in-game currencies in the form of gold and diamonds, diamonds are particularly more precious as it is bought for real money value apart from the game. 

It is useful as it helps players to obtain the Elite Pass in the battle royale, also it is useful to change the nicknames and the guild names. FREE FIRE: Diamonds, Top-up method, uses


  1. IN-GAME: Users can utilize the in-game method for the top-up to get Diamonds.  Players can do so by clicking on the icon of the Diamond above in the screen, as shown here:
  • 80 – 100 diamonds
  • 250 – 310 diamonds
  • 400 – 520 diamonds
  • 800 – 1060 diamonds
  • 1600 – 2180 diamonds
  • 4000 – 5600 diamonds
  1. WEBSITES: Users have also found out the other way for their top-up as many such websites have emerged as another option for the purchase of Diamonds in Free-Fire.  Users can go for SEAGM to get their top-ups done since the websites like CODASHOP and GAMES KHARIDO are under maintenance. 

3. FOR FREE USING GOOGLE: Players are not always supposed to pay for the Diamonds as they can get them for free as well. Users can make use of the Google Opinion Rewards application that requires gamers to participate in surveys in the exchange for Google Play Credits, which can later be used to buy the Diamonds. 


Some of the best places on which the players can use Diamonds are:

  1. EVENTS: Players will be provided with extremely low-cost offered items and other rewards, so the players are advised to go for such primary places and use the in-game currency, users can use Diamonds on the Reload Target Down to get the themed items of the Free Fire x Money Heist. FREE FIRE: Diamonds, Top-up method, uses
  1. PETS: Pets also possess some special abilities like the characters, players can use Diamonds there to get the pets. 
  1. CHARACTERS: There are plenty of characters that possess one or the other special abilities users can also spend their Diamonds to acquire such character, which will effect your gameplay strongly. 
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