Former captain Kapil Dev shows his Belief in KL Rahul.

Former captain Kapil Dev shows his Belief in KL Rahul.

Former captain Kapil Dev shows his Belief in KL Rahul.

Right after playing a round of golf kapil paaji settled for a cup of tea with his dear friend Ajay Sethi. And on being asked by him, ‘who among the young players does he love to watch?’, the former Indian captain without any second thought immediately showed his belief in Rahul:

“K L Rahul. I just love to watch him bat. He has so much confidence in the shots he plays and now with all the experience Rahul can be a huge asset for India in this T20 World Cup. I have always enjoyed seeing him play and I feel he will do a lot of good things for Indian cricket going forward,”.

Avoiding the question that whether team India will win the T20 World Cup 2021 or not, Kapil paaji stated that Indian team needs to search for its top 4 players in the team, and further shows his confidence in the team members, he confidently added:

“I don’t answer that question you know. Rather, I will say they need to make the top 4. That’s what the aim should be for them; an entirely new tournament starts thereafter. And yes India definitely has the team to make the top 4!”

Also, while talking about and showing his confidence for Rahul, the former captain praised the present coach and mentor of the Indian Cricket squad, Ravi Shastri and Dhoni respectively. 

He told that Ravi is doing so great as coach and supported his statement by stating the fact that India has won twice in Australia under his guidance and mentioned:

“He has done a very good job with the team. Under him, India has won twice in Australia and was leading 2-1 against England. To win away from home is not easy and these are very impressive results. I hope the team does well in this World Cup because it will be a fitting finale for Ravi”.

Talking about Dhoni he was asked, “if he (Dhoni) would be able to make any difference in the team as mentor?”, Kapil then also explained subtly that Dhoni being the cool captain has much skills and that he being the winner of IPL 2021 makes a great difference itself, he concluded:

“Dhoni is one of the calmest players around and has just won the IPL. So he is fully up to speed with everything that is going on. He should be able to give ideas that will help Virat in the middle. And not too long ago was he a part of the dressing room, and that should also help the boys”.

India will be playing its first T20 match against arch-rivals Pakistan on 24th October. 

Talking about the Indian cricket squad always excites us and as the former captain Kapil Dev, himself has shown his belief in the young players and said that we are a potential team with potential players now we are way too excited to see Virat’s boys strength and skills in order to bring the T20 World Cup 2021 trophy.