Everything to Know About V Badge and More

Everything to Know About V Badge and More

Everything to Know About V Badge and More

Everything to Know About V Badge and More

The Free Fire has got some new events and rewards for the gamers, they also keep the old ones with them and make changes to them. The V Badge program is for the players who are into content creation and stuff but comes with a condition of limited access to users. It has not been given to everyone. Everything to Know About V Badge and More.

Who Can Get V-Badge in Free Fire:

Though the patch notes from OB25 had already mentioned that the gamers will get a special in-game badge, which clearly states the rarity of it and keeps only a narrow space to get- becoming a Partner Program Member that too has some conditions and those are:

  • Minimum subscriber count – 1,00,000
  • Minimum view count – 3,00,000 in last 30 days
  • Game related content – 80% in the last month
  • Non-offensive and clean content along with consistent quality
  • Players need to be willing to work hard

On the other hand, even if the players have all of the above-mentioned conditions fulfilled they are not guaranteed a slot in the program since it is a limited slot program that too after an internal screening procedure.  Everything to Know About V Badge and More.

If by luck any YouTuber grabs the chance and becomes a member of the Partner Program they get  the following items:

  • In-game rewards including custom room cards, diamonds and more
  • Financial compensation if the channel has 5,00,000 subscribers and 95% content around the game
  • Communication with the official team
  • Invites to the tournaments and events
  • Exclusive merchandise and more.

Steps to Follow to fill the form:

STEP 1: Once the players are on the Partner Program website they are required to select the ‘Apply Now’ icon and they will be headed to a Google form.

STEP 2: The players are required to fill in the necessary details and submit the form.

Since the website is closed the interested gamers can go for it whenever it reopens from the official website.  Everything to Know About V Badge and More.