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DJ Alok vs Maro vs K: Who is the best Free Fire Character in February 2022?

DJ Alok vs Maro vs K: Who is the best Free Fire Character in February 2022?

Free Fire has various characters in the game which can be used by gamers. Each character has different abilities and the beginner players have to choose one of the best characters with easy-to-understand abilities. More complex ability will confuse the new player. 

The most simply understandable Free Fire characters in February 2022 for newbies are DJ Alok, Maro, and K. All three characters have different abilities that are helpful in numerous tactical situations. Thus, these skills or the expertise of three avatars made them legendary in combat. However, only one can be used on the battlefield, Let’s find out, who is the best Free Fire Character in February 2022 for beginners?

Comparison of DJ Alok, Maro, and K in Free Fire: Based on Abilities and Combat usage

DJ Alok


Drop the beat ability by far one of the best in the free fire. It allows players to increase their HP by 5% while they find faster movement in a 5-meter radius by at least 10%. This skill enables solo players to use lesser medkits if applied recently due to its cooldown time of 45 seconds.

At the maximum level of DJ Alok, its duration surges to 15 seconds, and movement speed increases by 15%.

Combat Usage

DJ Alok’s major role in combat is to provide tactical support to his team. This is a unique ability and has a low cooldown time. When allies are in combat within a 5-meter radius of this character they can heal by HP in a go and move quickly. This ability is useful mostly in the time of rushing enemy positions and escaping to safety.



Falcon Fervor ability of Maro is by far the best feature Free Fire players can use to eliminate enemies from very long distances. At its maximum level, this ability provide 25% bonus damage with an additional 3.5% damage to enemies who have been marked with other abilities.

The skill, Falcon Fervor, has another perk, that it raises damage output with the increase of distance from opponents. If players can use it proficiently, they can finish the whole squad of enemies from very far. 

Combat Usage

Maro’s ability is most favorable when used with snipers. In the battle, With the help of Falcon Fervor, players can knockout enemies in a single headshot with a long distance also. Players using ARs will also get the benefit from this ability which awards bonus damage.



K is a fascinating character in Free Fire and desirable to all Free Fire players. His ability, Master of All, gives a surge to maximum EP by 50. Moreover, His ability has two further modes. First is Jiu-Jitsu, which allows teammates within 6 meters a massive 500% increment in EP conversion rate. And the second is known as Psychology mode, which recovers 3 EP every 2.2 seconds up to 150 EP. 

The mode switch has a cooldown time of 3 seconds. While at the top level, only psychology mode changes slightly as it recovers 3 EP per second up to 250 EP. 

Combat Usage

K’s capability is best used when playing with teammates who have EP. His ability surge the healing power (HP) of teammates rapidly to the fullest. However, K is mostly better at being not used by solo players.


“Who is the best among discussed Free Fire characters?” This is the only question that comes up after knowing about all of the three Player avatars. The verdict that we came up with is that Maro is by far best for beginners in Free Fire. Maro has the passive ability and has no cooldown time. Also, Maro can be used in both solo and squad mode matches. 

Meanwhile, DJ Alok and K have also unique abilities, but new users may find it difficult to adjust their skills to implement in the game. Therefore, Maro is best for beginners to use in Free Fire.

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