“Dhoni can still give us a stiff competition”- KL Rahul.

“Dhoni can still give us a stiff competition”- KL Rahul.

“Dhoni can still give us a stiff competition”- KL Rahul.

After the warm-up match between India-England took place on Tuesday, the opener of the match KL Rahul released a big statement during the Clubhouse season organized by Red Bull over former Indian Captain MS Dhoni. 

KL Rahul on MS Dhoni as the mentor of India for the ICC T20 World Cup has said that Mahi gives a sense of calmness to the team. And being the potential team member Rahul wants to acquire the former captain’s skills over everything, he stated:

“We loved having him in the dressing room when he was the captain. We loved the calmness. We have all looked up to him to help us out, to have him here is amazing. This gives us a sense of calmness, I have enjoyed spending time with him in the first two to three days and it has been a lot of fun. Looking forward to chewing his brain about cricket, captaincy, and all things cricket.”

As Dhoni has won the IPL 2021 cup for the 4th time, everyone is so filled with happiness and expectations for the World Cup too.

Adding more details to the statement Rahul said that he would love to watch Dhoni play a couple of games more, and told that how everyone used to see him as a mentor even before becoming one, Rahul said:

“None of us are sure that the IPL 2021 final was his last game. I do not think so. I would love to see MS Dhoni play for a lot more years if he could. Yeah, it was great to see how CSK played in the tournament and they were the most deserving to win it. Obviously, MS Dhoni (being) back with the team feels amazing because we have played under him and we have looked towards him as a mentor even when he was our captain.”

On being asked about Dhoni’s fitness the half-century hitter subtly answered:

“I think Dhoni can give any of us stiff competition, he definitely is a guy who can hit the ball furthest, he is very strong and he is good between the wickets. He looks the fittest, it is good fun to have him,”

Talking about the T20 World Cup matches the player expressed his excitement and showed his confidence with a nice gesture:

“Very excited, obviously, the World Cup is a big event and every player looks forward to it and every player is training all year round to play this tournament. The World Cup was supposed to be played last year, but it was pushed and it has given a lot more time to think about the best combination and try and get everything right and make a huge impact and win the tournament. The 2019 World Cup semis loss did hurt the team a lot and hopefully, we can use that to push ourselves a lot more and try and win the tournament.”

The Indian Cricket team is going to play its 2nd warm-up match of ICC T20 World Cup 2021 on 20th October at 3:30 pm(IST).