ECS Bulgaria T10 live score – standings, results, Players stats, points table, live and upcoming matches
# Teams Played Win Loss Draw N/R Pts NET RR Form
1Istanbul KSKKSK1410004244.465NWWWN
2Medical University SofiaMUS147205192.829NNNNL
4Sofia SpartansSSP144208165.922LNWWL
5Barbarian CCBAR145306160.256NNNNN
6MU PlovdivPLO14590010-1.237NNLLL
7MU TrakiaMUT14310017-3.451LNLLL
8VTU-MU PlevenPLE14012022-4.059NNLLL
Players Statics
1Medical  University SofiaManan Bashirwk9340
2MU PlovdivZain Asifbat12340
3MU TrakiaZaid Soulatwk12311
4Istanbul KSKIshak Elecbat11292
5MU PlovdivMohammad Sufyanbat12222
6Sofia SpartansKushaal Krishnakumarbat8220
7Sofia SpartansSid Nairbat6211
8Barbarian CCAgagyul Ahmadhelbowl9209
9Indo-BulgarianAdrian Leslie Dunbarwk7180
10Medical  University SofiaMubarak Alibat9174
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About ECS Bulgaria T10

ECS Bulgaria T10 2023

  • Start Date: May 22 , 2023
  • End Date: June 2 , 2023
  • Host Country: Bulgarian
  • Format: t10
  • Duration: 11 days
  • Participating Teams: 8
  • Number of Matches: 59

The ECS Bulgaria T10 is a premier cricket competition featuring 8 cricket teams, battling to win the title. The ECS Bulgaria T10 will be played in the t10 format.

The ECS Bulgaria T10 will commence on May 22 , 2023, and conclude on June 2 , 2023, spanning a total of 11 days of intense cricket action. Bulgarian will host the ECS Bulgaria T10, and matches will be played at some of the most iconic cricket stadiums in the region.

8 teams will be participating in the ECS Bulgaria T10, representing different nations or clubs. A total of 59 matches will be played between the teams in the ECS Bulgaria T10.

The participating teams will compete across various venues, such as National Sports Academy Vasil Levski.

Cricket enthusiasts and fans from around the world can look forward to witnessing thrilling moments and fierce competition as these top teams vie for the coveted ECS Bulgaria T10 title.

ECS Bulgaria T10 Venues(with Cities):

  • National Sports Academy Vasil Levski , Sofia