Assam Premier Club Championship live score – standings, results, Players stats, points table, live and upcoming matches
# Teams Played Win Loss Draw N/R Pts NET RR Form
1Bud CCBCC55000101.870WWWWW
2Radial ClubRCL5410080.155WLWWW
3Town Club SilcharTCS522015-0.487LLWW
4Nirvana S.ANSA523004-0.056LWWLL
5Tengapara C.CTCC5130130.142WLLL
6Tinsukia Town ClubTTC505000-1.543LLLLL
# Teams Played Win Loss Draw N/R Pts NET RR Form
3Cricket Club of DibrugarhCCD2110021.181LW
4Club TrirangaCLT211002-0.543WL
5Nambor ClubNMC413002-1.595LLWL
6Evergreen Cricket ClubECC303000-2.689LLL
Players Statics
1Bud CCErik Roywk7206
2Radial ClubAmit Sinhabat7193
3Bud CCDiwiz Pathakbat7191
4Bud CCSwarupam Purkayasthaall7179
5Bud CCNipan Dekaall6171
6Radial ClubAbhijit Roybat7139
7Bud CCJitu Alibat7134
8Tinsukia Town ClubAyush Agarwalwk5127
9BDMTCCAnurag Talukdarwk4124
10Nirvana S.AJogeswar Bhumijall5106
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About Assam Premier Club Championship

Assam Premier Club Championship 2023

  • Start Date: March 10 , 2023
  • End Date: March 27 , 2023
  • Host Country: India
  • Format: t20
  • Duration: 17 days
  • Participating Teams: 13
  • Number of Matches: 33

The Assam Premier Club Championship is a premier cricket competition featuring 13 cricket teams, battling to win the title. The Assam Premier Club Championship will be played in the t20 format.

The Assam Premier Club Championship will commence on March 10 , 2023, and conclude on March 27 , 2023, spanning a total of 17 days of intense cricket action. India will host the Assam Premier Club Championship, and matches will be played at some of the most iconic cricket stadiums in the region.

13 teams will be participating in the Assam Premier Club Championship, representing different nations or clubs. A total of 33 matches will be played between the teams in the Assam Premier Club Championship.

The participating teams will compete across various venues, such as Satindra Mohan Dev Stadium.

Cricket enthusiasts and fans from around the world can look forward to witnessing thrilling moments and fierce competition as these top teams vie for the coveted Assam Premier Club Championship title.

Assam Premier Club Championship Venues(with Cities):

  • Satindra Mohan Dev Stadium , Silchar