“Conversation is going on,” Virat Kohli on the South Africa tour

“Conversation is going on,” Virat Kohli on the South Africa tour

“Conversation is going on,” Virat Kohli on the South Africa tour

“Conversation is going on,” Virat Kohli on the South Africa tour

Corona’s new variant has not left the cricketing world unaffected. They too have been the victim of the dread virus. Recently, a New Variant of Corona omnicorn that has originated in South Africa has sent waves of shock and dread across the world. India too was about to tour Africa. However, with countries shutting down borders and flights being canceled, 

The Indian tour of South Africa is also in limbo. Virat Kohli made it clear that discussions have been going with BCCI and in the dressing room regarding the same issue. However, it is not clear if this tour would be canceled or only one test will be played. This is the call that will be taken after taking the views of the cricket boards of both countries. 

India was slated to tour South Africa on December 17. 

Speaking at the press conference ahead of India’s test against New Zealand in Mumbai, he said that conversation regarding the tour is pretty normal, there is not much panic regarding the same. He said: 

“Well, look, it’s pretty natural. I mean, we’re not playing in normal times anyway, so there’s a lot of planning that’s involved, a lot of preparation that’s involved in terms of understanding what’s exactly what’s going on. You know, there are players who are not part of the group right now, who will be in quarantine to join the team in the bubble, to fly in the charter – those kinds of things you want to seek clarity as soon as possible. So we have spoken to all the senior members of the squad. Obviously, Rahul bhai has initiated a conversation within the group which is very important to know because at the end of the day we understand.”

Virat Kohli added that an update regarding the tour will come “within a day or two”. The skipper explained:

“I mean, our focus on this Test match won’t shift regardless but also to know you want to have clarity, you want to be in a situation where you know exactly what’s going on. We are talking to the board, we are pretty confident [that] within a day or two or pretty soon we’ll have absolute clarity as to what is going on.”

Virat and his co. are slated to leave for South Africa on December 8 a day after India’s Mumbai test concludes. However, there are fewer chances of the test being canceled. But there are chances that tests might be curtailed to one. 

Further, Virat Kohli asserted that while he and the team are actively observing the situation, their prime focus remains on winning the upcoming Test. He said:

“But, look we need to be realistic about things as well. We can not just ignore the things that potentially could put you in a confusing place and no one wants to be there. I am sure everyone is working hard towards finding clarity and giving us the situation as it unfolds as soon as possible, we all are hopeful that that will happen soon. And as I said, our prime focus right now is the second Test and the other things are simultaneously being taken care of.”