Catalyst Black Tier List (June 2022): Get the Best Banners and Abilities

Catalyst Black Tier List (June 2022): Get the Best Banners and Abilities

Catalyst black with its vibrant and pleasing gameplay garners a large number of players. Now Super Evil Megacorps even released this game on Android and IOS platforms. Players can get many Game items from the mission reward, event, and game chests, which are classified into 4 Categories; Ability, Primary, Trinket, and Heavy.

Each of these Items is assigned with its special Banners these items with banners play a crucial role in the way of your game styles. So we have put a list of the banners with their utility in the game starting from tier S to tier C.

Catalyst Black: Banner Tier List June 2022

There are 9 Banner with their special attributes in Catalyst Black:

Catalyst Black Tier List (June 2022): Get the Best Banners and Abilities
  • Assassin
  • Primalist
  • Primal Hunter
  • Protector
  • Ranger
  • Seeker
  • Sniper
  • Support
  • Vanguard

Each of these banners provides a different effect from the way you use them in the game. you can pick 4 banners at max in the game.

We divide the tier list from best to worst these tiers are divided into 4 categories; S, A, B, and C. Higher the tier more useful it is in the game. Now let us get to the tier list:

Catalyst Black Tiers: Banners and their abilities for June 2022

Tier S


Assassin Banner provides the extra damage to the range attack within a 6-meter radius of the enemies. The number of banners can increase according to the number you equipped them with. If you are equipped with only one banner you will get an 8% bonus in damage and 24% while equipped with 2 banners. The damage can be raised to the limit of 40% after equipping all slots with the assassin banner. This increase in range attack provides the player to kill the enemy easily and faster and place it in the S tier list.


Support Banner decreases the cooldown time of the ability and lets the player spam the attacks. You can clear the bushes faster with this attribute. A single support banner can provide 10 ability haste and using more banners can reduce the cooldown even more. This ability is very useful if you just start getting the hang of the game. Its ability to enhance the rate at which you attack the enemy can provide an edge over the opponent. Support banner being a good match for beginner make it one of the best banner available in the game and has a place in the S tier. 


Vanguard banner let the player heal themselves from the enemy attack while dealing damage. This ability makes it one of the preferable abilities in Catalyst Black. Equipping a vanguard banner lets the character recover up to 14 HP points while more banner lets you recover even more. Vanguard’s ability to heal lets the user tank more damage and defeat the enemy in long term. This ability is enough for the vanguard banner to be in the S tier list.

Tier A


Protector Banner improves the overall health of the character. 10% of your maximum health is increased with only a single banner. Equipping more banners can enhance the maximum HP to a certain amount. The more HP the player has harder it became for others to kill your character.  The effect of enhancing the maximum health makes the Protector Banner rank top of Tier A.

Primal Hunter

Primal Hunter Banner boosts the overall damage by 25% when dealing with enemies in primal form with just a single banner. Players can increase the overall damage by 125% to primal form.

This makes this banner suitable and useful for anyone to use against primal enemies. Increasing overall damage to primal form but not any other aspect is the only reason Primal hunter was not able to make a place A-tier.

Tier B


Ranger banner raises the agility of players inside the bush and outside the bush. It enhances the movement speed by 5% inside the bush while 1.4 seconds outside the bush. Using more banners can increase agility even more. A player can run away from unfavorable conditions or sneak attack an opponent. this increased speed provides a player to change his strategy if a problem occurs. The attribute of sneaking in and out in a moment thus put this ability is placed in the B-tier in the game, Catalyst Black.


The Sniper banner works the same as the assassin banner but the range is increased to 9 meters. Just like other banners, you can increase the amount of damage you can deal with the number of banners equipped. Sniper banners have limited use and can’t be used in every situation. Because of its limitations sniper Banner is not placed in a higher tier but this banner is also powerful if used with strategy.

Tier C


Primalist banner reduces the cooldown of primal form-related abilities like transforming in the primal form, primal attack, and the primal power. Equipping one banner provided with 8 Primal Haste, 5 Primal attacks, and power haste. If a player is familiar with this banner he can make great use but a person equipped with Primal hunter can deal a lot of damage to the primal form. Hence this ability is ranked so low in tiers.


The Seeker banner provides the player able to get free primal charge and heavy ammo. Many turquoise elements represent Heavy ammo and red elements representing Primal energy are dispersed throughout the game map. And you can collect them by just walking on them like all the other banners in the game you can enhance this ability by equipping multiple items. Seeker banner is really useful when need raises but not something that will be on priority.

When you are against the opponent’s character. Placing it at the bottom of all the other banners in this tier list.

With this, the banner tier list of Catalyst Black is finished. You can equip the banner according to your gaming style but remember to not equip all same banners it might increase your ability in one aspect but make you vulnerable in others. If you want to learn about the best banner combination check out our other post.

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