Carrie Underwood’s Rumored NFL Salary Sparks Fan Discussion

Carrie Underwood’s Rumored NFL Salary Sparks Fan Discussion

In the latest Sunday Night Football showdown, the Miami Dolphins clinched a victory against the New England Patriots, capping off the second full Sunday of the 2023 NFL season. But, as tradition dictates, the NFL’s Sunday night spectacle wouldn’t be complete without the performance by country music star Carrie Underwood.

Fans are now buzzing about how much she earns for her pregame show. In her 10th year as the “Sunday Night Football” performer, rumors are swirling about her salary. According to, it’s estimated that she makes a staggering $1 million each week, adding up to a jaw-dropping $18 million for the entire season.

Given her status as one of the most famous country music artists ever, it’s no surprise that she comes with a hefty price tag.

But is it worth it?

One fan cheered, “Good for her! if its true. Its a short gig. How much did Hank Williams Jr. Make?”

Another fan brought up an interesting point, saying, “And the players can’t get paid correctly. The whole pay structure seems off here. Even ESPN is making big changes in some areas while overpaying in others.”

A third fan shared their perspective, saying, “Most of the players don’t get that! Shameful!”

So, the big question lingers – is Carrie Underwood’s performance worth the significant paycheck?

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