Bubba Wallace Makes Amends with Wife Amid Daytona Race

Bubba Wallace Makes Amends with Wife Amid Daytona Race

Bubba Wallace Makes Amends with Wife Amid Daytona Race

Bubba Wallace, one of the most famous racers and 23XI driver has apologized to his wife for all the trouble he’s causing her due to being so busy with the race schedule with cupped up with. 

Bubba Wallace secured his place in the NASCAR Cup playoffs on Saturday and thanked a lot of people while apologizing to his wife. 

Wallace is so locked into the race that he’s giving so little time to his family and especially his wife that she had to “put up with him” being stressed out all week.

“My wife, she puts up with me during the stressful times and I totally wasn’t myself (recently). Sorry babe!” Wallace said, via NBC. “I was focused and just trying to get us in and pay for this house that you want.”

He’s performing outstandingly in the NASCAR playoffs and has a huge chance of winning but at the same time, he will also have to look out for his house and family. 

Bubba Wallace had his best year in the regular season of the NASCAR Cup Series. He did really good with four times finishing in the top five, two times in the top 10, and eleven times in the top 20. He even had a streak of seven races where he finished among the top 18.

But the not-so-good news is that Wallace is starting the NASCAR Cup Series quite far behind the leader in points, William Byron. To move forward, he has to race super well in the next three races in the Round of 16, just to make sure he gets to the Round of 12.

The good news is that the first two races will be held at Darlington and Kansas. Wallace did really well in these races last year, finishing ninth and even winning one.

If he does as well in these next two races as he did last year, he might just have enough money to buy that new house he wants.

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