BGMI Series(BGIS) 2021 Semifinals Day 3: Matches overview, Standings, and more

BGMI Series(BGIS) 2021 Semifinals Day 3: Matches overview, Standings, and more

Day 3 of the BGIS 2021 Semifinals hosted 6 matches of all the three groups(A, B, & C) on 9 January 2022. The Skylightz Gaming was on the top of their game on day 1 and day 2 they continued their winning streak on day 3 as well. Thus, Skylightz finishes in the first position on the overall standings. They acquired 157 points and got 74 frags.

Meanwhile, Team XO was consistent in their performance and maintained their second position with a total of 145 points. The Hyderabad Hydras were the main attraction on day 3 and surged their overall points to 132. They finished in 3rd place, while OR Esports and GodLike Esports remained in fourth and fifth position with 127 and 123 points. 

Team Xspark also continued its stable and tactical gameplay and made a spot in the top 10 with 96 points. While Tactical Esports and Team Soul have a bad day and they finished in 21st and 22nd position respectively.

BGIS 2021 Semifinals Day 3: Match overview and Standings

The Semifinals of BGIS 2021 on Day 3 featured intense Gunfights and amazing battles of the teams of PUBG Mobile India. The tournament’s favorite squad GodLike Esports was unable to add a Chicken Dinner on day 3 as well. Here are the results and standings of all the 6 matches played on 9 January 2022.

Match 1 &2: The 1st match of the day was revamping for 7Sea Esports as they acquired 11 kills. However, Underdog team Celcius Esports snatched the victory in the match played on Erangel Map with 6 kills. 

The Second match was concluded on the desert map of PUBG Mobile, Miramar. The table topper, Skylightz Gaming, attained 13 kills aggressively and secured second place. However, COXRIPMIZO won the match with 6 frags by taking advantage of the battle between Orgless5 and Only Glitch.  

BGMI Series(BGIS) 2021 Semifinals Day 3: Matches overview, Standings, and more

Match 3 & 4:  The third match witnessed the furious gaming of Team XO and Skylightz. While Team XO again showed their aggressive gameplay and grabbed chicken dinner with 11 frags and Skylightz got 12 finish points. 

Udog India stood unbeaten in the fourth match with seven kills. While the highest 11 finish points were grabbed by GodLike Esports and they finished in second place on the rainforest map Sanhok.  

BGMI Series(BGIS) 2021 Semifinals Day 3: Matches overview, Standings, and more

Match 5 & 6: The Fifth match was dominated by Team Xspark and they finished on top with 13 kills where ScoutOp killed 6 enemies and acquired MVP for his assistance. They were followed by Hyderabad Hydras and OR Esports in second and third place with 9 and 10 frags respectively.

While the sixth and final match of day 2 featured some intense fights between teams. And the overall impressive team was Hyderabad Hydras who won the match and grabbed 8 kills. TSM acquired the second position with 9 frags. 

Where-To-Watch Day 4 and Highlights of Day 3

Today is the last chance for teams on the bottom of the overall standings to gain chicken dinners and grab some kills to reach in the top 16 which will qualify for BGIS 2021 Grand Finale.

The Day 3 matches will start on 10 January 2022 at 5:00 PM IST only on the official YouTube Channel of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Till then enjoy highlights of Day 3 of iQOO Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 Semifinals.

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