BGMI Maps: Top 5 spots to get best loots in 2022

BGMI Maps: Top 5 spots to get best loots in 2022

BGMI Maps: Top 5 spots to get best loots in 2022

BGMI Maps: Top 5 spots to get best loots in 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India provides BGMI players with a variety of maps to battle in gameplay with various graphics. BGMI’s latest introduced map is Karankin which now raises the count of total maps in BGMI classic mode to five. These five maps acquire many spots and places with various dimensions to enjoy the handsome loots and battle. 

As the New Year 2022 is coming, BGMI is loading with new players every day. Since the developers are making updates and upgrades to the BGMI, it is hard for a lot of gamers to verify higher loot spots in all maps. The spots with huge loots help players to get their hands on guns and accessories early in the game after landing. This allows them to outplay their enemies in battle. Let’s have a look at the best loot spots on all maps.

Which are the best 5 loot places for the whole squad in all maps?

1) Los Leones in Miramar

Los Leones is the major city in the Miramar map regarding space, dimensions, construction, and ample loots for BGMI players to explore. The largest city across all maps is located on the southeast mainland of Miramar. While players can get level 3 loot like helmets, vests, and more spread all over the place. The whole squad can get enough loot to eliminate their opponents.

2) Sosnovka Military Base in Erangel

 Sosnovka Military Base is located on the southern part of the Erangal map with the bombardment of loot. This is a separate island far away from the center of the map. Therefore it is hard for the squad to land here sometimes when the flight takes them above the north. But they can land nearby areas and take vehicles to Military Base and acquire various weapons and ammo as the quality of loot present there. 

3) Midstein in Livik

 Livik is a small map and only 52 players are allowed in this classic BR map to battle. While Midstein is an urban area with bigger buildings, their rooms are loaded with huge loots. 

The loot here is impressive therefore it is a hotspot for the BGMI players in Livik. 

4) Bootcamp in Sanhok

Bootcamp is a centralized location on the Snhok map, while it is a favorite place to land for BGMI players to play matches. This place is known for intense battle as the loot found here loads up even the level 3 bag of players. Like the Military base in Erangel, players need to hurry for the loot in the Bootcamp, the reason for it is the same as stated above, ‘the huge loot’.

5) Podvosto in Vikendi

Podvosto is a large village on the Vikendi map and is in the center of this map. This area has ample loot and is visited by plenty of squads in the earlier phase of the matches. While the squads can find various guns here and use them against the opponents to increase their kill and get “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.