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BGMI Mamba's ID, IGN, Stats, Monthly Income, and more in February 2022

BGMI Mamba’s ID, IGN, Stats, Monthly Income, and more in February 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s player Salman Ahmad aka Mamba doesn’t need any introduction. He is the most popular member of the BGMI Esports Tournament and is appreciated for his level of gaming, he is among one of the best players in the country. 

Players or content creators like Mamba have brought the craze of BGMI again in India after its re-release. Their constant work and creating attractive content for the audience has resulted in the record-breaking installation of the BGMI game in India.

Salman Ahamad is one such content creator on Youtube, who has gained popularity as a player of PUBG Mobile before it was banned in India with the famous professional Team 8bit. He now actively creates and releases content on the YouTube channel known as Mamba. As a prominent part of 8bit Creations, He will surely upload more content related to BGMI Gameplay, challenges, Vlogs, and pranks on his channel.

Everything to know about BGMI Pro player Mamba

Mamba’s BGMI ID and IGN

Mamba’s in-game BGMI ID is 532571047. Mamba’s in-game name (IGN) is 8bitMamba. Players can find him through this information and can play with him and can be a part of his Youtube Stream. His latest stats are given below, which are taken in February 2022.

Mamba’s BGMI Stats

BGMI Mamba's ID, IGN, Stats, Monthly Income, and more in February 2022

Mamba’s stats are commendable in Cycle 2 Season 4 (ongoing season). He has played 177 classic squad matches, winning 23 of them and approaching the Top 10 in 98 matches. He has registered 565 kills to his name and sustained an F/D ratio of 3.19.

His skills and gameplay put him in the Ace Tier and the average damage dealt by him is 587.7, while his highest damage in a match is 2056 with the highest 12 kills in a single match. Apart from that, the content creator has dealt overall damage of 104023.4.

Mamba’s Monthly Income

Mamba’s YouTube channel has around 1.2 Million subscribers and is amazingly entertaining with his videos. He has made around $1.6K and $25.1K in the last month (Source: Social Blade) from his Youtube Channel. Apart from that, He is also a major part of S8UL, founded by Soul Mortal and 8bit Thug, from where he gets a decent salary.

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