BGMI Antaryami Gaming’s ID, IG Name, Stats, and more in January 2022

BGMI Antaryami Gaming’s ID, IG Name, Stats, and more in July 2022

PUBG Mobile India’s player Rishabh Verma aka Antaryami Gaming is a popular live streamer and content creator on YouTube. BGMI is retaining its title of most successful battle royale game again after re-releasing in India. Youtubers, like Antaryami Gaming, have a major role in uplifting the prosperity of the game.

Rishabh Verma is famous for his live streaming of BGMI gameplay and hilarious reaction videos. He plays BGMI for fun and his entertaining commentary on the videos is the reason for the love he gets from his fans.

Antaryami Gaming’s BGMI ID Number, IGN, and more

Antaryami’s in-game BGMI ID is 583147218. Antaryami’s in-game name (IGN) is NADExAntaryami in which NADE stands for his clan. Players can find him through this information and can play with him and can be a part of his Youtube Stream. His latest stats are given below, which are taken on 28 January 2022.

Antaryami’s BGMI Stats

BGMI Antaryami Gaming’s ID, IG Name, Stats, and more in January 2022

Antaryami’s stats are commendable in the C2S4 (ongoing season). He has played 17 classic squad matches while he is yet to win a match, he approaches the Top 10 in 9 matches. He has registered 57 kills to his name and sustained an F/D ratio of 3.35.

His skillful aim and gameplay are reflected in an impressive percentage of headshots 15.8. The average damage dealt by him is 582.2, while his highest damage in a match is 1800.

Antaryami’s Monthly Income

Rishabh’s YouTube channel, Antaryami Gaming, has around 3.72M subscribers and is amazingly entertaining with his videos. He earns around $7.6K and $121.2K per month (Source: Social Blade) by his Youtube Channel. Apart from that, He is a part of the Nade clan through which he also participates in various tournaments and scrims which are also a source of earnings for him.

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