“Belittling players is not good”- Bangladesh’s Mahmudullah!

“Belittling players is not good”- Captain Mahmudullah

“Belittling players is not good”- Captain Mahmudullah

“Belittling players is not good”- Captain Mahmudullah

An indirectly heated argument took place between the president of BCB  also, Bangladesh’s former cricketer, and the T20I skipper Mahmadullah.

Mahmudullah expressed his emotions in words after winning the match and setting their foot in Super 12 and said something that made the President rush over to the skipper. 

Mahmudullah said that raising questions over players’ commitments or belittling them is not good. The skipper said so after winning their second Round 1 match against PNG on Thursday:

“We expect criticism when it is warranted, but if that is belittling, we feel bad,”

Hassan then talking with Somoy TV on Friday asked that when did he belittle the players or questioned players’ commitments and claimed his statement till the time that Bangladesh has no approach towards the game. Hassan said:

”There are two things that I did not get, Like he said they feel bad when anyone questions their commitment. I don’t think anyone raised a question about their commitment… Not for once, I say anything about commitment. Secondly, he said I belittled them but I feel it’s an emotional outburst. I will still stick to my point that I was not happy with their approach, attitude, and planning in the first game.” 

Nazmul Hassan said that he is surprised by the way Mahmudullah reacted to his claims and also added further by saying that every player, critic,

 supporters are humans ultimately and so are BCB’s members and nothing is personal. Hassan added:

“I think he (Mahmudullah) and other players need to understand one thing, like he said, that they are humans but on the same note, the team’s supporters and the spectators are also humans, and [so is] everyone in BCB. There is nothing to take personally because whatever we said was for the team and the country and not against any individual.”

After this huge embarrassment, the BCB chief also pinged over some changes in the captaincy, though the format is still not disclosed. Since putting fingers over Chief is not a small thing. Hassan concluded:

“At this moment we are not thinking about captaincy change but, naturally, changes will come and there is a possibility that captaincy will be changed though I am not willing to disclose in which format,” 

BCB chief vaguely answered the question but still, everything is crystal clear that the fight between the 2 players is not new. And no doubt Mahmudullah’s career is close to the fire line. But an unshakable decision has been taken by BCCI earlier about which Hassan has confirmed by himself. Hassan said by confirming:

”We have confirmed contract extension with Domingo for two years,”

Hassan told about this big news and said that an official note is not out yet. Bangladesh will remain perplexed for a moment by hearing the extension of the coach and the firing of the skipper.