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About Russian Basketball League-23/24

Russian Basketball League-23/24 23/24

  • Start Date: September 30 , 2023
  • End Date: June 30 , 2024
  • Host Country: Russia
  • Duration: 274 days
  • Participating Teams: 14

The Russian Basketball League-23/24 is a premier basketball competition featuring 14 basketball teams, battling to win the title.

The Russian Basketball League-23/24 will commence on September 30 , 2023, and conclude on June 30 , 2024, spanning a total of 274 days of intense basketball action. Russia will host the Russian Basketball League-23/24, and matches will be played at some of the most iconic basketball stadiums in the region.

14 teams will be participating in the Russian Basketball League-23/24, representing different nations or clubs.

Basketball enthusiasts and fans from around the world can look forward to witnessing thrilling moments and fierce competition as these top teams vie for the coveted Russian Basketball League-23/24 title.