Apelapato999’s ID Number, Rank, Stats, Youtube Channel, and more in January 2022

Apelapato999’s ID Number, Rank, Stats, Youtube Channel, and more in January 2022.

Henrique Simão popularly known as Apelapato999 is a well-known Free Fire content creator and YouTuber from Brazil. Henrique has boasted 2.61 million subscribers and 138 million views over his exceptional gameplay videos apart from this he has 788K followers on Instagram.

Apelapato999 only has posted around 80 videos on his Youtube Channel, despite that his fans enjoy his amazing videos and content about Free Fire.

Apelapato999’s Free Fire ID Number, Rank, Guild, and Stats:

Apelapato999’s Free Fire UID is 62875162. Apelapato999 has a subtle approach towards the game, thus, he is ranked Gold II in BR-Ranked and Bronze I in CS-Ranked seasons.

Apelapato’s Lifetime Stats:

The YouTuber has appeared in 7027 squad matches out of which he has won 1335 matches with a win percentage of 18.99%. He has killed 18750 of his enemies in the game with a K/D ratio of 3.29. 

The Free Fire player has also played 5552 duo matches and has claimed 1057 victories with a win rate of 19.03%. He acquired 20867 frags and a K/D ratio of 4.64.

Apart from these, Apelapato999has also engaged in 2228 solo matches out of which he gained 430 Booyahs, sustaining the win percentage of 19.29% with 6941 frags with a K/D ratio of 3.86.

Apelapato999’s Ranked Stats:

Apelapato999 has participated in 2 ranked squad games, he has notched 7 frags, sustaining the K/D ratio of 3.50.

The content creator has played a solo match and has killed 14 of his enemies with a K/D ratio of 14.00.

Apelapato999’s Total Income:

According to Social Blade, the monthly income of the YouTuber is around $507 – $8.1K and the yearly income of Henrique is $6.1K – $97.3K.

Apelapato999’s YouTube Channel:

Apelapato999’s Youtube Channel, he has another YouTube Channel-Apelapato S2. He has gained around 30 thousand subscribers and 2.028 million views on his primary channel- Apelapato999.

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