Alex Rodriguez’s PED Scandal: Former Yankees Star David Wells Speaks Out

Alex Rodriguez’s PED Scandal: Former Yankees Star David Wells Speaks Out

In a recent ESPN report, it was revealed that Alex Rodriguez cooperated with federal investigators back in 2014. He gave them the names of players who had used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) during that time. This happened just before Rodriguez started serving a one-year suspension for his own PED use.

Some big names, including Manny Ramirez and Ryan Braun, were among the players Rodriguez snitched on.

David Wells, a former star pitcher for the New York Yankees, isn’t happy with Rodriguez’s choice to reveal these names while he was also in trouble for using PEDs. In an interview with Foul Territory, Wells said, “That’s not good. That will come back to bite you in the a– tenfold.”

Wells added, “Nobody likes a rat. You always lie your way out of everything until you get caught and then you got to come clean.”

It’s essential to know that Rodriguez got immunity from legal trouble in the Biogenesis case because he cooperated with investigators. He agreed to this condition.

In terms of punishments, Rodriguez got one of the longest suspensions: a full season, which is 162 games. Other players like Braun, Nelson Cruz, and Everth Cabrera also faced suspensions.

Overall, the Biogenesis investigation resulted in 14 players getting suspended for PED use.

David Wells’ criticism of Alex Rodriguez’s actions echoes the concerns of many in the baseball world regarding this ongoing controversy.

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