Alex Morgan Questions Referee Decision: Was It a Red Card?

Alex Morgan Questions Referee Decision: Was It a Red Card?

In a recent NWSL soccer game, Alex Morgan got pretty frustrated with the referees. She shared her thoughts on social media about a particular moment where she expected to see a red card and a penalty given.

Morgan was not shy about her feelings and asked, “In what world is this not a penalty and red card, or even foul? Completely reckless and the leg going in for the tackle doesn’t even get a ball when I cut her? Just glad I saw her coming and didn’t plant on that leg or I’d 100% not be walking today.” 

A video of this incident quickly went viral on social media, stirring up a lot of discussion.

Many fans supported Alex Morgan’s point of view. One fan commented, “You’re 100% correct. Glad you pulled up and are uninjured. That’s nasty stuff, and entirely unclear to me how this could go without a call in a league with VAR.”

But not everyone shared Morgan’s perspective. One fan argued, “Looks like she gets ball first. No penalty,” while another encouraged, “Fair play. Get up.”

This incident has sparked a big debate about referee decisions in soccer, especially in the era of VAR. People are looking for more clarity and fairness in how the rules are applied during matches.

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