Afghanistan’s Asghar Afghan played his last shot against Namibia

The former captain Asghar Afghan took retirement after his last match against Namibia on 31st October. He took retirement for the sake of the young players, he wants them to get a chance and play in the middle of the field. 

During his team’s Super 12 Group 2 match against Namibia in Abu Dhabi on Sunday the former captain couldn’t hold back his emotions and tears rolled down during the interview session after his team’s big win.

Asghar decided to retire from all forms of cricket, with the Afghanistan cricket board’s acceptance. The cricketer on being asked about his decision replied with a heart-winning statement. The 33-year old claimed:

“I want to give chance to youngsters now. It is the right time for the youngsters to come forward. Most of the people asked to continue till the end of the tournament. But I thought this is the right time after the loss in the last game. There are plenty of memories. This is tough for me.”

Once the match was concluded with Afghanistan’s win over Namibia with 62 runs the Former captain even appreciated his bowlers and concluded :

“It was an important win for us, he bowled well (on Naveen-ul-Haq), used his variations extremely well on this wicket. Thanks to the fans for all the support given to the team so far and hope that it’ll continue throughout the tournament.”

Asghar Afghan is a right-handed batsman and a medium-fast bowler who has played 114 ODIs, 5 Tests, and gained 2700 total international runs.