Aditech’s Free Fire Max ID, Stats, Discord Link, Monthly Income, and more (February 2022)

Most Indian Free Fire Max players might have heard the name Aditech aka Atharvaditya Singh at least once. The popular content creator is the man behind one of the country’s biggest gaming YouTube channels, Aditech. His entertaining videos of challenges, pranks, and gameplay have brought him a huge fan following.

Atharvaditya has enhanced his gameplay day by day which can be seen in the stats of his YouTube Channel. He has accumulated 5.89 million subscribers and 560.97 million views over his videos on YouTube. 

Aditech’s Free Fire Max ID, Stats, Rank, Discord Link, and More:

Aditech’s Free Fire Max UID number is 779084851. Bharat is placed in the Silver III in the BR-Ranked and Gold I in the CS-Ranked season.

Players can join him through his Discord Link.

Aditech’s Lifetime stats:

Aditech has 5412 squad games to his name in Free Fire Max and has clinched victory in 2253 games, corresponding to a win rate of 41.62%. He has notched 14176 kills at a kill-to-death ratio of 4.49.

The YouTuber has come out on top on 217 occasions out of 2238 duo games, equating to a win rate ratio of 9.69%. In these matches, he has 4361 frags with a K/D ratio of 2.16.

Aditech has also secured 213 victories in 2057 solo matches, retaining a win percentage of 10.35%. With 3840 eliminations, he has ensured a K/D ratio of 2.08.

Aditech’s Ranked stats:

Aditech has only played a single match in this BR-Ranked season 26 and acquired 8 kills.

Aditech’s CS-Career:

The Youtuber has registered 1424 wins out of 3161 clash squad matches that he played in Clash Squad (CS) mode of Free Fire Max with a win rate of 45.05%. He acquired a KDA of 1.69 by grabbing 18589 frags.

Aditech’s Monthly income:

Aditech‘s estimated monthly income from his YouTube channel is $8.8K – $141.1K. And his estimated yearly income is $105.8K – $1.7 Million. (Source: Social Blade)

Aditech’s YouTube channel:

As mentioned earlier, he runs the Aditech channel. He creates content and videos on Free Fire. At the moment, readers will be able to find many videos on his channel, which has accumulated 35.272 million views in the last month alone. Over the last 30 days, Aditech has gained 320K subscribers.

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