5 rarest Free Fire gun skins as of May 2021

5 rarest Free Fire gun skins as of May 2021

5 rarest Free Fire gun skins as of May 2021

Free Fire gun skins play a crucial role during a match, not just in terms of aesthetics but also when it involves tactical approach. While these skins make weapons look tons cooler in-game, they also enhance their stats, like damage rate and reload time.

There are a good sort of weapon skins available in Free Fire. This text will take a glance at a number of the rarest gun skins available within the game as of May 2021.

Disclaimer: The rarity of those skins is predicated on speculation and discussions within the Free Fire community. The skins listed here might not be rare for all players.

Rarest gun skins in Free Fire in May 2021

1 – Griffin’s Fury (M4A1)

Griffin’s Fury is one among the oldest legendary skins in Free Fire. This rare skin increases the range of the M4A1 and doubles its firing rate. However, it significantly slows down the weapon’s reload speed.

2 – Blue Flame Draco (AK)

Blue Flame Draco skin in Free Fire

The Blue Flame Draco AK skin is an upgradable Evo gun skin. It is often leveled up to Level 7.

The skin was previously launched within the Faded Wheel section of Free Fire. However, it’s now quite rare to seek out .

3 – Megalodon Alpha

The Megalodon Alpha is an Evo gun skin which will be leveled up to Level 7. The skin increases the damage rate of the Scar and doubles its fire rate. However, it decreases the reloading speed of the weapon.

4 – Unicorn’s Rage (Golden Era) (AK)

The Unicorn

The AK is one among the foremost powerful weapons in Free Fire when it involves damage stats.

After players equip it with Unicorn’s Rage skin, the AK’s damage rate are going to be doubled and its accuracy also will increase. the sole drawback of the skin is that it reduces the magazine capacity of the weapon.

5 – Violet Terror (M1014)

The Violet Terror skin in Free Fire

Violet Terror is one among the rarest Free Fire skins for the M1014 Shotgun. This skin was launched during a special event; numerous players weren’t ready to acquire it.

Violet Terror increases the M1014’s fire rate. It also increases the damage rate of the weapon while crouching (Level 1)