5 best tips to avoid early deaths in Free Fire

Free Fire is a short, 10-minute battle royals match. There is so much to do in those few minutes. If players land in the wrong places, don’t find the armor, or kick start their game in the wrong way, they won’t survive long.

You might find it enticing to begin shooting the moment you see the players of the other teams, but this is not a smart move on your side. The better way is to survive till the end.

Some tips to avoid dying early in Free Fire

1) Try not to land in crowded places

Image via Garena Free Fire

If players pick up armor and weapons quickly upon landing, they can start firing other weapon-less players. However, this is not always possible.

Unless the player is sure they are going to get an AWM or SVD and top-level armor immediately, landing in crowded places is a bad move. Armored enemies might ambush you while you are busy gathering items.

2) Don’t wait for fancy weapons.

Image via Garena Free Fire

Just pick up any good old pistols, pans, or even melee weapons after landing. To survive, it is necessary to have some kind of gear. Basic weapons can be dropped and replaced with other advanced weapons later on in the game.

3) Pay attention to the shrinking zone

Image via Garena Free Fire

There is much to do in a 10-minute battle, and of course there are better things to do than watch a zone shrink down. However, all efforts would be wasted if a player is caught outside the safe zone.

4) Get defensive and camp

Image via Garena Free Fire

Aggression is not always the right strategy. Once players are equipped with armor, it would be smarter to camp and lay low until a few players are eliminated. There is no need to go after more weapons when a player is fully armored.

Similarly, players should avoid chasing airdrops if they already have powerful weapons.

5) Avoid vehicles, go for an electrical surfboard

Image via Garena Free Fire, YouTube

While playing solo, it is best to avoid vehicles. This is because a player cannot shoot while driving. Enemies can easily ambush a driver. Additionally, a moving vehicle might attract attention and multiple players might attack the driver.

For quicker movements, opt for an electric surfboard. Players can easily get off the surfboard and shoot at the enemy.

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