5 best Free Fire pets to pair with Jai in Clash Squad Season 7

5 best Free Fire pets to pair with Jai in Clash Squad Season 7

5 best Free Fire pets to pair with Jai in Clash Squad Season 7

Free Fire features a plethora of characters in-game. In addition to the characters, pets also play an important role in the ensemble on the virtual battleground.

Jai may be a great character that’s most effective in Clash Squad matches. His ability, Raging Reload, allows him to reload a gun’s magazine automatically after demolishing an opponent. And when Jai is paired with suitable pets, players can use their abilities more versatilely.

This article lists the five best pets to pair with Jai in Free Fire’s Clash Squad Season 7.

Which are the simplest pets to pair with Jai in Free Fire?

1) Detective Panda

Detective Panda is the most sought-after pet in Free Fire, with a capability called Panda’s Blessings. His ability restores 4 HP of the player upon each kill.

At the utmost level, Panda restores 10 HP of the player upon each kill. This ability will benefit Jai within the Clash Squad mode by providing extra healing points while rushing.

2) Ottero

Ottero has a capability called Double Blubber. With the assistance of Ottero’s ability, players can restore EP while using either a Treatment Gun or a Med Kit. The recovered amount of EP is 35 percent of the restored HP.

Jai can gain extra EPs with Ottero, which can help him have an HP advantage.

3) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor’s Smooth Gloo ability can assist Jai significantly to form instant covers while fighting close-range battles.

Waggor’s skill will generate one gloo wall grenade every two minutes at skill level 1 whenever players run out of gloo wall grenades.

Mr. Waggor can create a gloo wall grenade at skill level 3 if a player has but two gloo wall grenades.

4) Poring

Poring is a superb option for Jai to extend armor protection while rushing.

Poring’s skill, Stitch and Patch, offers one helmet and armor durability every three seconds. It defends level 1 armor and helmets and increases the armor strength.

At skill level three, this pet’s skill enhances helmet and shield durability by one per second. It also protects level 3 armor from being destroyed.

5) Moony

Moony’s skill is Paranormal Protection. This ability lessens damage by 20% at the default level when the player is in an interaction countdown.

An interaction countdown is when a player uses a medkit, repairs vehicles, or upgrades armors. This ability will assist Jai while using medkits in Clash Squad matches.

Moony also decreases damage by 35% at its highest level when the player is in the interaction countdown.