5 best active abilities for Free Fire’s ranked mode in May 2021

5 best active abilities for Free Fire’s ranked mode in May 2021

5 best active abilities for Free Fire’s ranked mode in May 2021

5 best active abilities for Free Fire's ranked mode in May 2021

The ranked mode is an in-demand game mode where players can reach higher tiers in Free Fire by grinding. They will choose any character during this mode that supports their gameplay style.

Almost every character within the game has unique abilities that help players on the battleground. These skills are mainly divided into two categories: active and passive.

There are 39 characters within the game, and almost most are equally potent on the bottom . However, characters with active abilities are believed to be more powerful by many players.

This article lists the strongest active abilities for the ranked mode in Free Fire as of May 2021.

Five most powerful active abilities for free of charge Fire’s ranked mode

1 – Drop the Beat

DJ Alok in Free Fire

Drop the Beat, DJ Alok’s active ability, creates a 5m aura that reinforces ally movement speed by 10% and heals 5 HP/s for five seconds at its basic level (level 1).

His ability becomes better as he advances through the amount .

2 – Riptide Rhythm

Skyler in Free Fire

Riptide Rhythm, Skyler’s active ability, produces a sonic wave that destroys five gloo walls within 50 meters. Each deployed gloo wall will improve the player’s HP, beginning with four points. This skill features a 60-second cooldown.

Skyler’s skill improves with the rise in his levels.

3 – Master of All

K’s skill, referred to as Master of All, gives players 50 points of EP. When in jiu-jitsu mode, within a 6 meters radius, allies gain a 500 percent boost in EP conversion rate.

When in psychology mode, players can recover 2 EP every three seconds, up to a maximum of 100 EP. K’s mode change takes up to 3 seconds to chill down.

K’s ability boosts as he proceeds through the amount , up to level 6.

4 – Camouflage

Wukong in Free Fire

Wukong has a lively skill named Camouflage. At the default level, this ability can change the player into a bush for 10 seconds. The cooldown lasts 300 seconds.

However, the conversion is stopped when the player fights. The cooldown is reset after an enemy is killed.

Wukong’s skill increases as he levels up within the game.

5 – Time Turner

Chrono’s ability, Time Turner, at its default level, creates a field that forestalls enemies from dealing 600 damage. Within this field , the player can fire at enemies, while their movement speed increases by 5%. The results last three seconds and have a 200-second cooldown.

Chrono’s ability increases significantly when he’s leveled up.

Disclaimer: The selection of a personality is a private decision, and prioritizing one over the opposite solely depends on a person’s playing style.