3 best character combinations with DJ Alok after Free Fire OB28 update

3 best character combinations with DJ Alok after Free Fire OB28 update

3 best character combinations with DJ Alok after Free Fire OB28 update

3 best character combinations with DJ Alok after Free Fire OB28 update

Characters are among a number of the unique aspects of Free Fire as all of them possess one unique ability-enhancing the gameplay. The sport also offers features that combine them to further enhance efficiency.

Any such character combination can have just one character with a lively ability, those that require to be activated, and three passive ones are always active. to make a mixture, players got to purchase the skill slot by spending diamonds or gold.

The developers regularly add characters to the sport , but Alok remains a formidable choice thanks to its fantastic ability. The subsequent are a number of the character combinations with Alok.

Best character combination with DJ Alok in Free Fire

DJ Alok in Free Fire

DJ Alok has an ability named drop the beat

Ability: Drop the Beat

Upon activation, it increases movement speed and also replenishes 5 HP per second for 10 seconds.

1) Alok + Jai + Jota + Kelly

Jai character in Free Fire

Jai: Raging Reload

Jota: Sustained Raids

Kelly: Dash

Jai’s ability automatically reloads up to 45% of the gun’s magazine on every knock that eliminates the need of switching the gun or reloading them. Meanwhile, Jota replenishes 40 HP on every kill, but this is often restricted only to SMG and shotguns.

Kelly will increase movement speed by 6%; players can enjoy the power of Kelly the Swift they need unlocked.

Jota character in Free Fire

The combination is sort of good for aggressive plays as Alok will restore HP and therefore the movement speed in close-range fights. At an equivalent time, Jai will regain ammunition and Jota HP on every shotgun or SMG kill. Kelly can help players outplay their foes. Users can replace Kelly with Hayato during this combination if they like to try to do so.

2) Alok + Joseph + Hayato + Moco

Joseph character in Free Fire

Joseph: Nutty Movement

Hayato: Bushido

Moco: Hacker’s Eye

Nutty Movement buffs the movement and sprinting speed by 20% upon taking the damage. On the opposite hand, Bushido increases the armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease within the HP.

Hayato character in Free Fire

Hacker’s Eye tags the enemy when shot. This information is shared with the teammates for five seconds.

The combination is balanced, as Alok and Joseph can increase the movement speed, while Hayato will increase armor penetration, helping users decimate their foes quickly. The knowledge gained from Moco’s ability is often utilized in the specified way.

In this combination, users can replace Joseph with Jai for extra ammunition.

3) Alok + Maro + Laura + Shirou

Maro character in Free Fire

Maro: Falcon Fervor

Laura: Sharpshooter

Shirou: Damage Delivered

Maro is one among the newest additions to the list of characters added to the sport . The power increases the damage up to 25% with distance. Additionally, the damage inflicted on the marked enemies is 3.5%.

Laura increases the accuracy of the players by 35% once they are scoped in. At an equivalent time, Damage Delivered will mark the enemies once they hit the users, and therefore the first shot of such foes will affect 100% additional armor penetration.