# Player Role
T20 Players
1Steven SmithSPD Smithbat
2Steven FinnST Finnbowl
3Ravi BoparaRS Boparaall
4Shadab KhanS Khanall
5George GartonGHS Gartonall
6Tymal MillsTS Millsbowl
7Nathan McAndrewNJ McAndrewbowl
8Michael BurgessMGK Burgesswk
9Aaron ThomasonAD Thomasonbat
10Cheteshwar PujaraCA Pujarabat
11Fynn Hudson-PrenticeFJ Hudson-Prenticebowl
12Tom AlsopTP Alsopwk
13Harrison WardHD Wardbat
14Delray RawlinsDMW Rawlinsall
15Tom HainesTJ Hainesbat
16Ollie RobinsonOE Robinsonbowl
17Jofra ArcherJC Archerbowl
18Tom ClarkTGR Clarkbat
19Ari KarvelasA Karvelasbowl
20Jack CarsonJJCarsonall
21Henry CrocombeHT Crocombebowl
22James ColesJM Colesbat
23Sean HuntSF Huntbowl
24Joe Peter SarroJP Sarrobowl
25Danial IbrahimD Ibrahimbat
26Tom HinleyTL Hinleyall
27Oliver CarterOJ Carterwk
28Joe PocklingtonJA Pocklingtonbat
29Archie LenhamAD Lenhambowl
30Ali OrrAGH Orrbat
31Jamie AtkinsJ Atkinsbowl
32Bradley CurrieBJ Curriebowl
33Albert ForemanAM Foremanall
34Charlie TearC Tearwk
Lista Players
1Steven FinnST Finnbowl
2Ravi BoparaRS Boparaall
3George GartonGHS Gartonall
4Tymal MillsTS Millsbowl
5Cheteshwar PujaraCA Pujarabat
6Fynn Hudson-PrenticeFJ Hudson-Prenticebowl
7Tom AlsopTP Alsopwk
8Harrison WardHD Wardbat
9Delray RawlinsDMW Rawlinsall
10Tom HainesTJ Hainesbat
11Ollie RobinsonOE Robinsonbowl
12Tom ClarkTGR Clarkbat
13Ari KarvelasA Karvelasbowl
14Jack CarsonJJCarsonall
15Henry CrocombeHT Crocombebowl
16James ColesJM Colesbat
17Sean HuntSF Huntbowl
18Danial IbrahimD Ibrahimbat
19Oliver CarterOJ Carterwk
20Archie LenhamAD Lenhambowl
21Ali OrrAGH Orrbat
22Jamie AtkinsJ Atkinsbowl
23Bradley CurrieBJ Curriebowl
24Albert ForemanAM Foremanall
25Charlie TearC Tearwk
26Zach Lion CachetZL Cachetbat
Firstclass Players
1Steven SmithSPD Smithbat
2George GartonGHS Gartonall
3Nathan McAndrewNJ McAndrewbowl
4Cheteshwar PujaraCA Pujarabat
5Fynn Hudson-PrenticeFJ Hudson-Prenticebowl
6Tom AlsopTP Alsopwk
7Tom HainesTJ Hainesbat
8Ollie RobinsonOE Robinsonbowl
9Tom ClarkTGR Clarkbat
10Ari KarvelasA Karvelasbowl
11Jack CarsonJJCarsonall
12Henry CrocombeHT Crocombebowl
13James ColesJM Colesbat
14Sean HuntSF Huntbowl
15Danial IbrahimD Ibrahimbat
16Oliver CarterOJ Carterwk
17Ali OrrAGH Orrbat
18Bradley CurrieBJ Curriebowl
T10 Players
T100 Players

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