# Player Role
T20 Players
1Alice IkuzweAlice Ikuzweall
2Josiane NyirankundinezaJosiane Nyirankundinezabowl
3Henriette IsimbiHenriette Isimbibat
4Cesarie MuragajimanaCesarie Muragajimanabowl
5Divine IshimweDivine Ishimwebat
6Sylvia UsabyimanaSylvia Usabyimanabowl
7Niyonizera JosianeNiyonizera Josianeall
8Nyisabiteka BerenaNyisabiteka Berenawk
9Ikuzwe AnickIkuzwe Anickbat
10Umuziranenge FabiollaUmuziranenge Fabiollaall
11Ihimbazwe SandrineIhimbazwe Sandrinewk
12Mukandayisenga JeannetteMukandayisenga Jeannettebat
13Umukundwa Wase SyliviaUmukundwa Wase Syliviaall
14Irera RosineIrera Rosinebowl
15Uwiragiye ClaudineUwiragiye Claudineall
16Akingeneye DelphineAkingeneye Delphinebowl
17Muragije Maria CesaliaMuragije Maria Cesaliabowl
18Ufitinema YvetteUfitinema Yvettebowl
19Umwali ApolineUmwali Apolineall
20Alice Kayitesi A Kayitesi all
21Umubyeyi DaliaU Daliaall
Lista Players
Firstclass Players
T10 Players
1Alice IkuzweAlice Ikuzweall
2Josiane NyirankundinezaJosiane Nyirankundinezabowl
3Cesarie MuragajimanaCesarie Muragajimanabowl
4Sylvia UsabyimanaSylvia Usabyimanabowl
5Nyisabiteka BerenaNyisabiteka Berenawk
6Ikuzwe AnickIkuzwe Anickbat
7Ihimbazwe SandrineIhimbazwe Sandrinewk
8Mukandayisenga JeannetteMukandayisenga Jeannettebat
9Umukundwa Wase SyliviaUmukundwa Wase Syliviaall
10Irera RosineIrera Rosinebowl
11Uwiragiye ClaudineUwiragiye Claudineall
12Akingeneye DelphineAkingeneye Delphinebowl
13Ufitinema YvetteUfitinema Yvettebowl
14Umwali ApolineUmwali Apolineall
15Isimbi HenrietteI Henriettebat
16Ishimwe Gihozo DivineI G Divinebat
17Alice Kayitesi A Kayitesi all
18Izerimana AdelineI Adelinebowl
T100 Players

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