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# Player Role
T20 Players
1Kuldeep LalK Lalall
2Yasir KaleemY Kaleemwk
3Vibhor yadavV yadavall
4Nav PabrejaN Pabrejabowl
5Rahul KhannaR Khannaall
6Revlino FernandesR Fernandeswk
7Hassan NasirH Nasirall
8Umair AsifU Asifwk
9Shayan KhiljiS Khiljiall
10Danny PawsonD Pawsonall
11Buta SinghB Singhbat
12Zoaib HaiderZ Haiderbat
13Narendra VishwkarmaN Vishwkarmabat
14Abdur RahimA Rahimbat
15Sushain ThaparS Thaparbowl
16Muzammil AzeemM Azeembowl
17Abid GulA Gulall
18Ajay VachhetaA Vachhetaall
19Deven UchilD Uchilall
20Amir HamzaA Hamzabowl
21Prem ThakorP Thakorwk
22Aryan ModhaA Modhabowl
23Shravan Kumar MIshraSK MIshraall
Lista Players
1Nav PabrejaNav Pabrejaall
2Vibhor yadavV yadavall
3Wajahat RasoolW Rasoolall
4Rahul KhannaR Khannaall
5Revlino FernandesR Fernandeswk
6Hassan NasirH Nasirall
7Buta SinghB Singhbat
8Zoaib HaiderZ Haiderbat
9Sahaj ChadhaS Chadhawk
10Bharpoor Singh SandhuB S Sandhubowl
11Shakir Aziz AfridiS Afridibowl
12Abdur RahimA Rahimbat
13Maroof BhabeM Bhabebowl
14Shery MalikS Malikbowl
15Muzammil AzeemM Azeembowl
16Ajay VachhetaA Vachhetaall
17Deven UchilD Uchilall
18Prem ThakorP Thakorwk
19Ahsan ShamraizA Shamraizbat
Firstclass Players
T10 Players
1Ansh TandonA Tandonbat
2Nav PabrejaNav Pabrejaall
3Vibhor yadavV yadavall
4Wajahat RasoolW Rasoolall
5Rahul KhannaR Khannaall
6Revlino FernandesR Fernandeswk
7Hassan NasirH Nasirall
8Buta SinghB Singhbat
9Abdul Manan-IA Manan-Iall
10Zoaib HaiderZ Haiderbat
11Sahaj ChadhaS Chadhawk
12Bharpoor Singh SandhuB S Sandhubowl
13Shakir Aziz AfridiS Afridibowl
14Abdur RahimA Rahimbat
15Maroof BhabeM Bhabebowl
16Shery MalikS Malikbowl
17Muzammil AzeemM Azeembowl
18Deven UchilD Uchilall
19Ahsan ShamraizA Shamraizbat
20Abdul RazzaqA Razzaqall
21Hamid ZebH Zebbat
22Ajay VachhetaA Vachhetawk
23Prem ThakorP Thakorwk
T100 Players

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