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# Player Role
T20 Players
1Wayne ParnellW Parnellbowl
2Ben StokesB Stokesbat
3Alex LeesA Leesbat
4Scott BorthwickSG Borthwickall
5Ashton TurnerAJ Turnerbat
6David BedinghamDG Bedinghambat
7Paul CoughlinP Coughlinall
8Ben RaineBA Rainebowl
9Graham ClarkG Clarkbat
10Oliver George RobinsonOG Robinsonwk
11Nathan SowterNA Sowterbowl
12Luke RobinsonTL Robinsonbat
13Callum ParkinsonCF Parkinsonbowl
14Colin AckermannC Ackermannall
15Tristan StubbsT Stubbsbat
16Liam TrevaskisL Trevaskisall
17Bas de LeedeBD Leedeall
18Michael JonesMA Jonesbat
19Luke DoneathyL Doneathybat
20Tomas MackintoshT Mackintoshbat
21Oliver GibsonOJ Gibsonbowl
22Harry CrawshawH Crawshawall
23Mitchell KilleenM Killeenall
24Ben McKinneyBS McKinneybat
25Ross WhitfieldRG Whitfieldbat
26Haydon MustardHM Mustardwk
Lista Players
1Wayne ParnellW Parnellbowl
2Ben StokesB Stokesbat
3Alex LeesA Leesbat
4Scott BorthwickSG Borthwickall
5Ashton TurnerAJ Turnerbat
6Brandon GloverBD Gloverbowl
7David BedinghamDG Bedinghambat
8Mark WoodM Woodbowl
9Paul CoughlinP Coughlinall
10Ben RaineBA Rainebowl
11Graham ClarkG Clarkbat
12Oliver George RobinsonOG Robinsonwk
13Nathan SowterNA Sowterbowl
14Luke RobinsonTL Robinsonbat
15Brydon CarseB Carsebowl
16Matthew KuhnemannM Kuhnemannbowl
17Migael PretoriusM Pretoriusall
18Matthew PottsMJ Pottsbowl
19Liam TrevaskisL Trevaskisall
20George DrissellGS Drissellbowl
21Bas de LeedeBD Leedeall
22Michael JonesMA Jonesbat
23Luke DoneathyL Doneathybat
24Tomas MackintoshT Mackintoshbat
25Oliver GibsonOJ Gibsonbowl
26Jonathan BushnellJ Bushnellbowl
27Harry CrawshawH Crawshawall
28Stanley McAlindonSJC McAlindonbowl
29Mitchell KilleenM Killeenall
30Ben McKinneyBS McKinneybat
Firstclass Players
1Alex LeesA Leesbat
2Scott BorthwickSG Borthwickall
3Ajaz PatelAY Patelbowl
4Brandon GloverBD Gloverbowl
5David BedinghamDG Bedinghambat
6Paul CoughlinP Coughlinall
7Ben RaineBA Rainebowl
8Graham ClarkG Clarkbat
9Oliver George RobinsonOG Robinsonwk
10Luke RobinsonTL Robinsonbat
11Brydon CarseB Carsebowl
12Matthew KuhnemannM Kuhnemannbowl
13Matthew PottsMJ Pottsbowl
14Liam TrevaskisL Trevaskisall
15Bas de LeedeBD Leedeall
16Michael JonesMA Jonesbat
17Matt ParkinsonMW Parkinsonbowl
18Jonathan BushnellJ Bushnellbowl
19Stanley McAlindonSJC McAlindonbowl
20Ben McKinneyBS McKinneybat
T10 Players
T100 Players

Witness your favorite team Durham live scores, live Cricket matches, teams roster along with schedules, news, results, player lists, records and live and upcoming matches here on Bullscore cricket Livescore. In next match, Durham will be up against Essex on 26 April, 2024 in Vitality County Championship Division One.

It will be interesting to see how DUR Durham vs Essex, standings, minute by minute updated live results and match statistics. We may have video highlights news for some Durham matches, but only if they play their match in one of the most popular Cricket leagues. Durham previous match was against Warwickshire in Vitality County Championship Division One, match ended with Match drawn. Durham fixtures tab is showing last 10 football matches with statistics and win/draw/lose icons. There are also all Durham news from schedule matches that they are going to play in the future.

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