SPA vs CYS, SPA vs CYS Live Score, SPA vs CYS Scorecard, European Cricket League T10

European Cricket League T10 , March 21, 2023
47/10 (6.1 ov)
110/7 (10 ov)
CYS won by 63 runs.
Andrew Libby 191012190.00
Jake Sunderland 1100100.00
John Matchett 0.10116.00
Adam Kennedy 201437.00


CIYMS InningCYS Inning110/7 (10 ov)
Jason van der Merwe b Greg Marc smith 14711200.00
b Greg Marc smith
Chris Dougherty (WK)lbw b Greg Marc smith 481953252.63
lbw b Greg Marc smith
Carson McCullough c GT Park b Jake Sunderland211521140.00
c GT Park b Jake Sunderland
John Matchett (C)c Christian Munoz Mills b AC Libby350060.00
c Christian Munoz Mills b AC Libby
Benjamin Calitz b Jake Sunderland8520160.00
b Jake Sunderland
Mark Best b Paul Quinlan130033.33
b Paul Quinlan
Allen Coulter c Paul Quinlan b Jake Sunderland01000.00
c Paul Quinlan b Jake Sunderland
Adam Kennedy Not out1100100.00
Not out
Jacob Mulder Not out8420200.00
Not out
Extra6 (b 4, w 0, nb 0, lb 2)
Total110/7 (10)
Yet To BatJack Beattie, Chris Robinson
Atif Mehmood2031015.50
Jake Sunderland2020310.00
Greg Marc smith 201427.00
Andrew Libby201718.50
Paul Quinlan2022111.00
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
JB van der Merwe1-553.5
C Dougherty2-705.2
John Matchett3-816.5
Benjamin Calitz4-958.1
Carson McCullough5-1008.5
Allen Coulter6-1008.6
Mark Best7-1009.1
Sporting Alfas InningSPA Inning47/10 (6.1 ov)
Awais Ahmed (WK)lbw b Carson McCullough01000.00
lbw b Carson McCullough
Garry Park lbw b Allen Coulter240050.00
lbw b Allen Coulter
Jack Perman b Carson McCullough7301233.33
b Carson McCullough
Greg Marc smith c & b Allen Coulter02000.00
c & b Allen Coulter
Christian Munoz Mills (C)c J Mulder b Chris Robinson450080.00
c J Mulder b Chris Robinson
Atif Mehmood b J Mulder9420225.00
b J Mulder
Shakeel Hafiz c Benjamin Calitz b Adam Kennedy120050.00
c Benjamin Calitz b Adam Kennedy
Andrew Libby c Chris Robinson b John Matchett191012190.00
c Chris Robinson b John Matchett
Paul Quinlan c Allen Coulter b Adam Kennedy240050.00
c Allen Coulter b Adam Kennedy
Darren Walker b Adam Kennedy01000.00
b Adam Kennedy
Jake Sunderland Not out1100100.00
Not out
Extra2 (b 0, w 2, nb 0, lb 0)
Total47/10 (6.1)
Carson McCullough10828.00
Allen Coulter10626.00
Jacob Mulder10818.00
Adam Kennedy201437.00
Chris Robinson1010110.00
John Matchett0.10116.00
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
Awais Ahmed1-00.1
Jack Perman2-80.5
Greg Marc smith 3-91.2
GT Park4-101.5
Atif Mehmood5-212.5
Shakeel Hafiz6-223.1
Christian Munoz Mills7-254.1
Paul Quinlan8-345.1
Darren Walker9-345.2
AC Libby10-476.1
Man of the Match - Adam Kennedy


CIYMS InningCYS Inning110/7 (10 ov)
Sporting Alfas InningSPA Inning47/10 (6.1 ov)


Match Details

2023-03-21 18:00 PM
Cartama Oval, Cartama
CIYMS elected to bat
  • Steffan Gooch
  • Joe Foster
Tv Umpires
  • Asad Ali
Match Referee
  • Robert Kemming

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Sporting Alfas vs CIYMS live score streaming starts on 21.03.2023 at 12:30 UTC time at Cartama Oval, Cartama. Sporting Alfas vs CIYMS are playing against each other in the European Cricket League T10 2023.

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