Wild Intimate Message From Mallory Edens For Jets Aaron Rodgers After Injury

Wild Intimate Message From Mallory Edens For Jets Aaron Rodgers After Injury

Everyone is aware of the New York Jets star player, Aaron Rodgers, and Mallory Edens’s relationship. Even though they haven’t officially announced that they are dating everyone can guess by all the times when their intimate photos have gone viral on social media. 

And this time’s intimate message from Edens for Rodgers is the solid proof of that. They’ve been making a lot of headlines together, from partying to sharing concert photos, and with their popularity in the sports world, whenever they post something on social media it sure to cause a wildfire among their fans. Centinally this time is no different. 

This week, on the heels of Rodgers suffering a complete Achilles tear on his first drive as a member of the Jets, Edens took to social media to send him an intimate message.

Edens, the Milwaukee Bucks heiress, has appeared in the headlines over and over for these past few months. Be it for her provocative dresses, wild bathing suit pictures, or racy vacation photos, she has been a permanent fixture in the headlines. And then there are her other social media posts which never fail to amaze her fans. 

With Rodgers sidelined for the entire 2023-24 NFL season, we’ll have to wait and see if he and Edens become more open about their relationship.

Now that they have so much time for each other we might get some new news about their relationship. Let’s wait and see. 

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