Who is the all time most run scorer in the IPL history?

Who is the all time most run scorer in the IPL history?

Who is the all time most run scorer in the IPL history?

First edition of the IPL was played in 2008. Noone anticipated that it would become as popular as it is today. Today, IPL is the most watched and most expensive league in the world. 

IPL has proved to be “the direct entry ticket” to the national team for players like Hardik pandya, Ravi chandran ashwin, Ravindra jadeja, Yusuf pathan, Yuzvendra chahal. 

Many records were made and many old ones were broken. IPL has been the platform which played a vital role in bringing out the best in the players. 

In this blog, we will talk about Virat kohli who has the title of most run scorer in the IPL history. 

You must have seen many cricketers across the times, but you hardly have come across a player who is as ambitious as Virat kohli. Kohli who first rose to fame in the under-19 world cup, showed the potential to become the world’s greatest batsman. 

He is someone who always pushes himself across all limitations. He strives to be the best version of himself. This constant striving has made him the unimaginable talent ever seen in cricketing history. Being a captain, he is someone who demands more of his players. 

When it comes to fitness, he is counted among the top athletes in the world. He has set a standard for players in fitness. 

In IPL, Initially he did not play so great as he had the average of 15, 22.36, 27.90 in 2008, 2009, 2019 respectively. But he got his break in 2011 when he scored 557 runs at the strike rate 121.08 with the average of 46.41. His highest was 71. After that, there was no look back for him. 

2011 was also the year when he became the captain of Royal challengers Bangalore. 

He went scoring more and more reaching to the top of the table in most runs scored. He was the most fortunate in IPL 2016 as he hit four centuries in the single season. 

In the IPL, he was not as successful a captain as he was the batsman. Despite his destructive batting, he failed to win the IPL trophy so far. Although, Royal challengers Bangalore has finished runner-up thrice. Yet, this would always be an agony for Virat Kohli.